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Our primary objective is to enable companies to find business partners in France and the Nordics. Relying on a network of 3000+ business experts in France, we consistently monitor markets to find the most promising French companies and help them navigate their way to international development. Our mission is to help Nordic companies find the best French suppliers or technology partners for their development.


Business France operates an e-marketplace with beverage, food, wellness, and beauty products. The agency also manages an extensive network of companies willing to develop their business in the Nordics. With a solid infrastructure in place, we are your fastest, most efficient way to source French premium products and innovative solutions.


We have strong ties with 70+ French technology hubs – an organised ecosystem of firms, labs, and schools working together – with a mission to develop global partnerships. For example, we can help connect you with the most innovative French companies in the aerospace, automotive, biotech, and hydrogen industries.

Investing in startups

French Tech startups have raised €8.3 billion in 2023, making France number 1 in the European Union by the amount raised. If you are a tech investor and want to seize the growing momentum, we can introduce you to the most promising French startups.

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AI Nordic Horizon


Open to all, AI Nordic Horizon aims to be practical and accessible to any business, whether your strategy is set or you are investigating what AI can do for you. The goal is simple: to propose solutions to anyone invested (or soon) in AI and to learn something new to contribute to your business.

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Business France’s marketplace is the one-stop shop for Nordics to connect with French suppliers. The platform hosts over 2500 companies and 22000 products in 3 key areas: Food, Beverage, and wellness and beauty.

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We are here at your service to connect with any type of French supplier or to provide guidance and access to investment opportunities in France. You can also contact us to learn more about the V.I.E international internship program.


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