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France is famous for being the birthplace of iconic luxury brands and for its commitment to elegance, innovation, and expertise. With in-depth knowledge of the French and Nordic markets, our experts can help you connect with a French supplier or a potential partner. Our team can support you in various domains, from cosmetics, clothing and accessories to sport, decoration and design, tourism, MedTech, biotech or e-health.

Key figures

France, a key player in the Lifestyle & Healthcare industry


spender on healthcare in the OECD with the equivalent of 12.1% of its GDP (OECD, 2023)


to shape France as the leading European nation in healthcare innovation as part of France 2030


time in its history, hosting the Olympic Games in 2024

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Apr 17 2024

AI Nordic Horizon


Open to all, AI Nordic Horizon aims to be practical and accessible to any business, whether your strategy is set or you are investigating what AI can do for you. The goal is simple: to propose solutions to anyone invested (or soon) in AI and to learn something new to contribute to your business.

Sep 16 2024
Sep 19 2024

EPV Tour


The “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (EPV) label is a government mark of recognition set up to distinguish companies that are custodians of excellent industrial and craft skills.

Sep 16 2024
Sep 17 2024

Silver Economy


The “SilverEco & Ageing Well Festival” is the global meeting place for professionals working in the field of ageing for a two-day event.

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