We are Business France in North America

Business France is a government agency with a mission to foster business relations of France worldwide. With 110 people in 8 offices throughout the USA and Canada, Business France North America caters to companies that seek to invest in France, partner with French companies or source French products and services. Our success relies not only on our pool of in-house industry experts, but also an extensive and efficient network of public and private business-centric partners, in France as well as in North America. 

French companies working with us annually

North American companies located in France

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Your Needs, Our Solutions

Invest in France

If you are looking to set up your European operations or to expand your already established presence in Europe, we can help by:  

  • Guiding you through the European business and regulatory environment
  • Providing the most relevant information about France for your business 
  • Connecting you with the right people locally to facilitate and accelerate your investment project

Trade with France

Benefit from our extensive network of representatives in France, constantly on the lookout for the companies with the highest export potential. Our tailor-made services, all free of charge for American and Canadian companies, constitute the most reliable and efficient way to source French innovative solutions, outstanding technologies, or premium products. 

Because we have 70+ industry experts in North America, each covering a specific market segment in all verticals, we have the capacity to understand your precise needs and to match them with the most impactful  solutions for your business needs.

Hire from France

If your company has an incorporated presence in France (either with a HQ or a subsidiary) for at least one year, there has never been a more crucial time to learn about our V.I.E. offer.

Our HR/recruitment program V.I.E is a proven solution for finding French talent and accelerates hiring for companies investing in a multicultural workforce. Our 35,000-resume database includes thousands of engineers, scientists, computer programmers, and more. Once you have selected the right talent, we take care of the rest!

Join Us

As a member of our team, you will be taking part in a high value mission, spanning sustainable business relations between North America and France. You will oversee diverse challenging projects, working closely with an extended network of passionate people from both sides of the Atlantic.

We Helped Them

Olivier Clech


“From the assessment and planning through each subsequent phase, working with Business France AgriFood tech was exactly what my business needed. Their thoughtful and thorough direction on strategy, content and communication has helped us stay focused on track to success. We found their work to be exemplary. I would highly recommend that any firm looking to tackle the US market for the long haul engage Business France and try to join Agri NEST program.”

Christian R. Schubert

Global Sourcing Director, SERVIER

The Galien Medstartup was a well-organized event in an attractive global location. The event brought together illustrious stakeholders from many backgrounds in the US and France. We enjoyed great conversations, presentations, novel insights, and left with very interesting follow-ups. I would recommend attendance to anyone who would like get to know the French biotech ecosystem in a flash!