The V.I.E Program

A skilled talent pool available to reinforce your business relationship with France

Backed by the French government and operated by Business France and its partners, V.I.E (Volontariat International en Entreprise) offers young European professionals (up to 28-year-old) with a higher education degree the opportunity to work outside of France.

Key figures

Since the V.I.E program was launched in 2001


young professionals hosted


host companies worldwide



young professionals on assignment


companies worldwide hosting a V.I.E in 121 countries

A Key Talent Source For Your Company

Tap into an abundant pool of highly qualified applicants

The opportunity to gain international experience has a strong appeal for young people, and our database of candidates exceeds 35,000 resumes, covering a large spectrum of academic training (engineers, computer scientists, business developers, marketing specialists, financial analysts, etc.). Most applicants already have professional experience and international exposure.

Diversify your hiring, grow your cross-cultural skill set

Over two decades, V.I.E has become a must-have for HR departments in many multinational companies (Airbus, AXA Insurance, LVMH, Michelin, etc.). It complements their in-house graduate programs and contributes to talents cross-border mobility. If you value workplace diversity and international mobility of talents, the V.I.E system is designed for you!

The V.I.E platform significantly increases job offer visibility towards young professionals for small and medium companies with an international footprint.

Hiring profiles with a foreign background also helps bridge different cultures inside a company and improve the communication between the HQ and the subsidiaries. As per Arnaud Seigne, former V.I.E candidate and now mentor, the V.I.E program helps companies and young professionals to learn local and cultural best practices, both essential for the development of the business.

Rely on Business France operational support 

Every step of the V.I.E program is designed to make the whole experience hassle-free. The recruitment process is streamlined through a central database managed by Business France. You can either source the database or delegate your search to our specialists, which will shortlist the best profiles. 

Since all V.I.E professionals are hired on a French contract and enjoy French social benefits, Business France and its partners handle all administrative procedures (payroll, contract, insurance, visa and, upon request, travel and recruitment processes).

Finding ways to host your V.I.E

If you are convinced by the program but do not yet have a subsidiary in North America to host your recruit, we have solutions! Business France’s trusted partners can host your V.I.E candidate.

In addition to offering them a comfortable place to work, these hosting companies will open their networks to your V.I.E recruit, jumpstarting their assignment from the moment they arrive and offering a safe and welcoming environment. Their expertise and advice will make your V.I.E candidate feel at ease in no time.

Whether you wish to host a V.I.E or learn more about the companies that already welcome participants, contact us!

Some Testimonials

Shefali Panse

R&D Project Leader – SageGlass

Saint-Gobain SageGlass has been a huge proponent of the V.I.E program for years! We love having young professionals who bring fresh perspectives and new problem-solving methods to our business. It also adds to the diversity in our workplace, which we celebrate. Many of our V.I.Es join Saint-Gobain either for PhD or full-time roles after they complete their assignment.

Carla Robert

Supervisor, HR People and Business Partner – Orano

We have been welcoming VIE Volunteers in Canada for many years ; their ability to work in French and English is very useful. Helping us in both our business strategies and day-to-day activities, young talents are usually keen to understand local business and adapts quickly to our teams. We particularly appreciate the diversity of profiles that are available through the program, from technical and engineering to functional supports, including Information Systems and Human Resources. We recommend the V.I.E. Program to any company needing additional team members to work on special projects or support ongoing activities.

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