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Created in 2013, “La French Tech” grew rapidly and is now recognised abroad, highlighting the pool of successful and promising French startups. Following two years of record, in 2023, 715 French Tech startups have raised 8.3 billion euros, making France number 1 in the European Union by amount raised (EY). With in-depth knowledge of the French and Nordic markets, our experts can help you connect with a French supplier or a potential partner. Our team can help you in various domains, from SAAS and cloud software to fintech, culture industry, gaming, e-commerce, or cybersecurity.

Key Figures

France, a leader in Tech & Service


raised by French greentech startups in 2023, up both in volume and value.


for fundraising in Europe, behind the UK and ahead of Germany.


dedicated to Artificial Intelligence to train and attract talents

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Apr 17 2024

AI Nordic Horizon


Open to all, AI Nordic Horizon aims to be practical and accessible to any business, whether your strategy is set or you are investigating what AI can do for you. The goal is simple: to propose solutions to anyone invested (or soon) in AI and to learn something new to contribute to your business.

Apr 30 2024

Datacenter Event France / Denmark

Copenhagen, Paris

Data Centers Denmark 2024 is an annual regional conference that brings together professionals from the mission-critical sectors.

Nov 01 2024
Nov 05 2024

Paris Games Week / Games Connection


The professional event Games Connection Europe welcomed +300 buyers, +1490 companies to create business connections and enable business value.

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