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Organic wine, more than just a trend!



​Red, white, and rosé wines, champagnes, sparkling wines and crémant, mellow and sweet wines: all French wines from all regions can be organic! As Nordic consumers confirm their appetite for these health and environmentally friendly wines, French producers see new opportunities in this growing market. The French volume of sales of organic wines will soon exceed €1 billion! To accompany this growth, French startups are developing Wine Tech innovations to satisfy the demand.

A growing trend in the Nordics

Organic wines continue to move forward! As in France, Nordic consumers are drinking “less but better” and are increasingly sensitive to the sustainability aspect of products. As a result, the production of organic wine has been increasing for several years, taking care of both health and the environment.

In 2020, 54,000 liters were sold in Sweden (24% of total sales), an increase of 17%. More than 16% of French wines sold in Sweden are organic, a constantly growing share. Similarly, in Finland, organic sales show a 29% growth in volume compared to 2019. Alko, the Finnish monopoly, offers 1,370 organic and 1,220 vegan references, products whose sales grew by 116% in 2020. In Norway, as in other monopoly countries, there is increasing demand for light, organic, biodynamic, and natural wines. In Denmark, many importers specialize in organic and natural wines. The organic criterion has become an unavoidable element for the Danes in their purchases.

This trend for organic wine is accompanied by increased demand for sustainable, lighter, and more compact packaging with a modern, attractive, and clean design. In addition, the new trend of “no-low,” highlighting alcohol-free or low-alcohol alternatives, is increasingly appealing, especially to young consumers.

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The French market can meet the demand: €1 billion of sales volume!

The Wine Paris & Vinexpo trade show, held from 14 to 16 February 2022, was an opportunity to show that French organic wine will play a role on the international scene. In which Business France participated, the show was a significant showcase for Wine Tech startups to convince winemakers that their solutions can help them convert more prospects into customers.

Natural and biodynamic wines attract interest among the younger generation of sommeliers and are increasingly present on wine lists. Indeed, producers seek to distinguish themselves from each other through innovation to gain market share. Therefore, Wine Tech is attracting the attention of the curious with these innovations: wine aerators with a quasi-instantaneous effect, augmented reality labels, bottles of great wines for serving by the glass. The Wine Tech incubator has today 71 startups… including future unicorns?

Another interesting indicator is the conversion of Bordeaux and Burgundy Grands crus to organic, proving that even the major wine houses, which dominate this market, are starting to do so. The terroir, the origin of the products, and eco-responsible production methods are becoming critical criteria in buying for a growing number of French and Nordic customers. According to the British institute IWSR, organic wine sales will double in France by 2022. The sales volume will soon exceed one billion euros; the French market is promising! One billion bottles sold in one year is expected to be exceeded around 2022 as well, versus 676 million bottles in 2017, and only 349 million in 2012.

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Article written by Samy Trabelsi