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19 French Tech startups at Node by Slush!



Slush’s new virtual solution: discover the French Tech companies brought to you by Business France.

Despite the health situation, this year was no exception when it comes to the partnership between Business France and Slush. With the support of Laposte, Dassault Systèmes, CCI Grand-Est, RisingSud and Choose Paris Region, 18 French startups and an accelerator are part of the French delegation on the new virtual solution set up by Slush, which represents the Nordic startup ecosystem.

To help startups in this period where in-person meetings are not possible, Slush offers a virtual platform, Node by Slush, that is open from September until the end of December to enable B2B meetings. In addition, different kinds of events are organised to activate the community, for instance the Slush 100 pitching competition, matchmaking and “Community Gatherings” with mentoring sessions and keynote speeches from CEOs of the likes of Vinted and Spotify.

This year, the French companies of the delegation are looking to raise up to 30 million euros, not to mention the expansion to international markets. With that in mind, the companies were coached during 3 months: pitching training in English, feedback from the Head Coach of Sampo Accelerator, presentations from Nordic investors who gave the keys to success to make it in the Nordics.

Discover the new French revolution on the Node by Slush platform.

From in-person to virtual: The Slush event attracts 2,000 investors and 20,000 visitors from all over the world every year. Turning such a flagship event into a virtual solution took a great deal of effort from the organizers.

“In order to help French exhibitors to qualify their meetings on the Node platform, Business France organized mentoring sessions throughout Autumn. Startups could thus prepare for their pitch and for their meetings with leading investors. The delegation was able to get tips on the use of the platform by a Slush employee as well as get an immersion in the Nordic VC ecosystem. This was real international support from a distance”, says Clément Lepert from Business France.

The Nordic startup ecosystem is a vibrant one: In 2019, 548 million euros were invested by Finnish VCs in startups. In addition, Helsinki, the Finnish capital, has been ranked the 4th most emerging startup ecosystem.

Discover the 19 companies exhibiting on the French pavilion:

3DExperience Lab

“A game changer for business and innovation”

3DExperience Lab is an accelerator from Dassault Systems. It provides a real-time view of business activity and ecosystem, connecting people, ideas, and data in a single collaborative environment that empowers businesses and people to innovate in entirely new ways.


“Innovative solutions to better live your diabetes”

DIABNEXT™ was created around the idea of bringing large-scale and highly innovative solutions to improve the daily life of diabetes patients and help them better live with their disease. It offers a unique solution combining hardware and software to automate the entry in the self-monitoring logbook.


“To better pinpoint the learning profiles of each student”

EvidenceB helps teachers to keep track of their students learning profiles. Aside from providing assessment support tools, EvidenceB softwares also include learning courses and remedial programs. It is mainly in concert with cognitive science, artificial intelligence and digital interfaces that EvidenceB develops softwares at the service of school curriculums.

France Labs

“Search experts”

Established in 2011, France Labs aims at creating the best enterprise search solution with Datafari. Their main innovations deal with ranking algorithms, data trust and multi-connections to systems.


“Leveraging AI to transform diabetic patients’ lives”

Hillo offers AI-based custom models for people with diabetes. Patient-specific model for BGL prediction is based on Machine Learning and Pharmacokinetics and it requires less than 10 days of data for training.


“A new gesture for the planet”

Hipli is a reusable package created for e-commerce. A strong, light, and practical package that can be reused up to a hundred times with logistics to ensure that they are really returned and reused. The goal for this innovation is to stop waste packaging from ecommerce by reusing it.


“A 3D virtual simulation for nurses”

IFSImulation offers the first virtual simulation tool for training nursing staff. It is accessible everywhere and the idea behind it is learning by doing. This immersive experience with total autonomy and realistic 3D universe offers its users 5 realistic scenarios, based on real events.


“E-health solution for everyone”

Caducy by i-Virtual is the first European system for measuring vital signs without contact. It works simply with a smartphone camera and with newest technology it is easy to use. Caducy is for prevention, diagnostic or the monitoring of chronic diseases by offering a simple solution, accessible to all and of medical grade accuracy.


“The autonomous phone fun and interactive, thought for children”

Kiwip allows kids to communicate safely via wristwatch. Intuitive touch screen allows kids to navigate quickly and easily and voice chat allows your child to share their daily emotions with their loved ones by sending a message with a single press. At the same time, authorized contacts can see the child’s location in real time. That simple!


“The first electric space heater with an integrated battery”

Lancey is a company created in 2016. They develop a storing solution that aims to reduce electricity bills and to encourage the use of renewable energy. This is done with a radiator that is controllable and has an integrated battery which stores energy during off-peak hours.


“A solution to protect and manage your digital assets”

Ledger is the global leader in security and infrastructure solutions for safeguarding critical digital assets from cryptocurrencies and DApps to CBDCs and STOs. It offers a variety of products and services that protect critical digital assets for individuals, companies and connected devices.


“The Smallest Selective Gas Sensor you have seen so far”

You can integrate the latest Nanoz Gas sensors into watches, phones and other products. The detection range of our sensor is 4 times greater than other sensors, despite being one of the smallest models on the market.


“Time Well Spent”

Oxycar’s mission is to provide companies with an efficient and fully customisable carpool network for their employees. Oxycar is the result of our team’s passionate search for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Thanks to Oxycar, you can easily connect and organise carpooling with your colleagues.


“Smart devices for the industry”

Nimesis Technology designs, develops and produces smart devices for the industry. For over 10 years, Nimesis has used ingenious deformable materials called shape memory alloys (SMA). These incredible materials are at the heart of the actuators, thermal safety mechanisms, and superelastic devices.


“The end-to-end web platform for agile teams”

Platform.sh offers a robust, highly reliable hosting platform that enables development teams to build, evolve, and scale applications faster. The solution is highly scalable, automated and secured and it is the fastest way to build and maintain modern websites.


“Q°emotion uses computers to make your customers HAPPY!”

Q°emotion’s cloud solutions capture and analyse customers’ emotions to improve CX / NPS, avoid churn, and reduce irritants in customer journey. The technology is based on Machine Learning to automatically analyse customer reviews in 30+ languages.


“Enter the new era of assets tokenization”

TALIUM ASSETS is an institutional-grade SaaS platform which makes it easy to create one’s own marketplace for digital assets.


“The private networking app”

Weavup helps you identify the most interesting members of your communities and helps you meet them locally. Connect with the most interesting members of your corporate community, club or association!

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