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Unlocking Opportunities: Natexpo Showcases the Organic Food Sector



The organic food industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity in recent years, driven by an increasing global awareness of the importance of sustainable and healthy food choices. In France, a country renowned for its gastronomic culture, the organic food sector has been thriving, offering a fertile ground for Nordic seeking promising business opportunities. Natexpo International trade show, one of the most significant organic and sustainable living trade shows, stands as the ideal platform to explore this vibrant sector and unlock its potential.

The Rise of Organic Food in France

France has experienced a significant shift in consumer preferences towards organic food. With growing concerns about health, the environment, and animal welfare, French consumers are increasingly embracing organic products as part of their lifestyle choices. The demand for organic food has been steadily increasing, which is expected to continue. According to the Barometer of the perception and consumption of organic products published in March 2022, 9 out of 10 French people consume organic products in their daily consumption. With the Nordics, France remains one of the best students in organic at the European level.

A Flourishing Organic Food Ecosystem

France boasts a well-developed organic market characterized by a diverse range of products and a robust distribution network from supermarkets, specialist shops, craftsmen and small businesses to direct sales. In 2022, the milestone of 60,000 farms committed to organic farming (certified or in conversion) was passed, representing 14.2% of French farms. The organic sector offers many business opportunities, from fresh produce, dairy, and meat to beverages and packaged goods.

The French government has been actively promoting and supporting the organic food sector. With France 2030, a €54 billion global investment plan for a sustainable future, the government reinforces its commitment to supporting the sector’s development. In its 3rd priority, France 2030 plan wants to invest in healthy, sustainable, and traceable food.

Learn more about France 2030 plan: building on your side the France of tomorrow

Strict regulations also ensure the integrity of organic products and maintain consumer trust. The French government has created a favourable environment for organic producers and investors through subsidies, tax incentives, and initiatives to encourage sustainable farming practices.

Discover latest organic innovation

The organic food sector in France is not only focused on traditional farming methods but is also embracing innovation and technology. Sustainable farming practices, precision agriculture, and organic food processing techniques continually evolve. Natexpo international trade show offers the chance to witness cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions driving the sector forward. Anticipate the development of the organic market by participating in the Natexbio Forum and the Organic Trends Forum.

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An insight into the organic market landscape: Natexpo

Natexpo International trade show acts as the perfect gateway to explore and connect with the French organic industry. Dedicated to organic products, this event is shaping the future of organic. With 2,500 exhibitors and brands and 18,000 trade visitors expected in 2023, Natexpo is renowned for its networking opportunities, bringing together professionals, experts, and industry leaders from the organic food sector.

For nearly 60 years, it has been a significant event for all market players, bringing together producers, manufacturers, processors, distributors, and specialists in the sector at national and international levels. Discover the latest organic trends throughout more than 200 conferences, workshops and demonstrations. Moreover, Natexpo continues its global deployment to help trade professionals in their growth ambitions. In particular, the trade show offers business meetings to allow exhibitors to meet leading purchasers from around the world. International companies can connect with French organic producers, distributors, and retailers, fostering collaborations to fuel growth and create synergies between France and the Nordics.

By participating in this prestigious event, Nordics can gain invaluable insights, forge partnerships, and contribute to the growth of the organic food movement while reaping the benefits of a flourishing sector.

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