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France 2030: building on your side the France of tomorrow

“The France of tomorrow begins today” said President Macron. In the continuity of the France Relance plan, the French President launched in 2021 the €54 billion France 2030 investment plan, aiming to modernize the French economy, support its reindustrialization, green transition, decarbonization and digitalization by industrializing research in key sectors.

An ambitious plan to support your ambitions.

The France 2030 investment plan sets out a twofold ambition: sustainably transforming key sectors of our economy, and positioning France not only as a player but as a leader in the world of tomorrow. France 2030 aims to allow France to regain its environmental, industrial, technological, health and cultural independence and to position itself as a leader in strategic sectors. From basic research to the emergence of an idea and the creation of a new product or service, France 2030 supports the entire life cycle of innovation right up to industrialization.

A pro-business agenda making France more resilient and attractive for investors.  

France 2030 offers many investment opportunities for foreign companies established in France via call for projects, offering support in the form of grants and repayable advances on sectors relevant to Nordics companies. These calls for tenders are set around 10 major objectives to understand better, live better and produce better in France by 2030:  

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A promising first outcome paving the way for a brilliant future. 

After a year of operation, the results of France 2030 show that unprecedented resources have been deployed: €8.4 billion were invested in the first year through 1,752 innovative projects across the country, via more than fifty calls for projects. Elisabeth Borne, France’s Prime Minister, has also announced that €20 billion are set to be spent by the end of 2023, while maintaining the same high standards and selectivity. She also reminded that France 2030 will provide massive support for the creation of technology start-ups and the promotion of research, setting a target of 500 research-led starts-ups created each year.

A game changer for your future investments  

The goal is to turn France into a future leader and creating the champions of tomorrow by securing supply chains of industrial components and raw materials, train and attract talents to prepare them for new technologies and support research and development.  

This is a game changer for foreign investments concerned by the sectors supported in this massive plan as they will not only get support in their investments but also value chains.  

During Choose France 2023, President Macron particularly underlined the positive impact of the investment plan, presenting the largest foreign investments towards France. A majority among them are supported by France 2030 fund support. French and Nordic roadmaps having a lot in common, Nordics companies are not exempted: NokiaKongsberg or Ericsson have already benefited from FR30’s support. Will you be next?  

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