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Tastin’ France 2022: all lights on French sustainable wines! 



Whether it is red, white or rosé, still or sparkling, French wine are sustainable!  It is time to kick off this fall with a walk around Tastin’ France in Stockholm and in Helsinki from October 31 to November 2, in the presence of wine producers from different regions in France.

Sustainability, a competitive advantage to export in the Nordics!  

With a true environmental awareness, Nordic consumers are showing an increasing interest in sustainable and ethical products. Wine is no exception to this trend! More than 16% of French wines sold in Sweden are organic, a constantly growing share. Similarly, in Finland, organic sales show a 29% growth in volume in 2020 compared to 2019.  

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Business France Stockholm coordinates several events regarding sustainability

Sustainability is on everyone’s agenda. Thus, alongside the annual open tasting “Tastin’ France”, Business France Stockholm organizes a panel discussion on sustainability moderated by the expert journalist Per Styregard with the participation of Systembolaget and five French winegrowers. The panel will seek to give a better understanding of the ecosystem and the different labels: HVE3, Ecocert,  hållbart val… and how French wine regions apprehend the future in terms of climate change.  

A promising 2022 harvest for excellent French and sustainable wine  

Driven by the will to produce better and to develop a more sustainable viticulture, the production of sustainable wine has been in constant growth in France during the last years. In 2021 over 90,000 hectares were certified organic, a 13 % increase compared to 2020. The best is yet to come as 70,000 hectares are currently in conversion to be certified organic, a 21% growth compared to last year.  

The harvest is underway in all wine regions in France, 2022 looks to be an excellent year, volumes are up by 16% compared to 2021. Some regions look very promising such as Champagne and Jura, Burgundy is doing well considering the scarce volumes of recent years and Loire, Beaujolais, Alsace and Languedoc Roussillon will deliver good quality.   

Tastin’ France is back in the Nordics this fall, don’t miss it!  

And last but not least, this fall Stockholm and Helsinki will have the pleasure of welcoming over 30 wine producers from different regions all of whom respond to different sustainability criterias.  

When?Monday, October 31Wednesday, November 2
Time?12h30 – 17h00  13h00 – 17h00
Where?Grand Hôtel – Spegelsalen   Valkoinen Sali   

If you are interested in these events, please contact our team for an invitation!  

Finland: sylvain.floirac@businessfrance.fr robert.rosengren.int@businessfrance.fr 

Sweden: cecilia.ekfeldt@businessfrance.fr & audrey.gobin@businessfrance.fr   

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