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A record year for Champagne in the Nordic countries!



In Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, Champagne exports reached €142 million in 2022, a 15% growth compared to 2021. Symbol of French excellence, the Champagne industry is becoming increasingly sustainable, meeting the expectations of Nordic consumers.

A French treasure

French sparkling wine by excellence, Champagne is the perfect symbol of French expertise and know-how in the wine industry. Due to a Protected Designation of Origin (AOC in French), it can only be produced in 4 French wine regions: Montagne de Reims, Vallée de la Marne, Côte des Blancs and Côte de Sézanne, and Côte des Bar.

With 34200 hectares, Champagne represents only 0.5% of the world’s vineyard area but accounts for 33% of the sparkling wine consumption in value. In 2022, more than 326 million bottles were shipped, 56% of which were exported.

Over 57 million litres of Champagne exported to the Nordics

2022 was the year of success for Champagne in the Nordic countries, particularly in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. For these three countries, the import of French Champagne reached over €142 million, representing more than 57 million litres of Champagne, an increase of 12% in volume compared to the previous year.

While Champagne sales increased in all three countries in both volume and value terms, the most significant increase was in Finland. Champagne exports increased by 33% in volume and 24% in value, reaching over €20 million.

Champagne production is becoming more sustainable

During the last years, the industry has been developing solutions to make the industry more sustainable. In addition to meeting the expectations of many consumers, especially in the Nordic countries, the objective is the environmental transition.

Pioneering region with the first carbon footprint assessment of the wine industry in 2003, much progress has been made in recent years. In 15 years, the carbon footprint has decreased by 20% per bottle, and the use of phytosanitary products and nitrogen fertilisers has been halved. Today 63% of the vineyards are under environmental certification, and 90% of industrial waste is treated and recycled. The industry wants to go further and has set itself the target of reducing its carbon footprint by 75% by 2050 and for all vineyard areas to be certified by 2030.

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Champagne in the spotlight in May in the Nordic countries

Unique event in the Nordics dedicated to Champagne, Grand Champagne Helsinki will be back this spring from 11 to 13 May 2023. Over 70 Champagne Houses will travel to Finland to showcase their wines. This event will also be a unique opportunity to attend one of the 40 masterclasses and learn more about Champagne.

In Stockholm and Copenhagen, too, Champagne will be in the spotlight in May. Accompanied by our teams, Champagne winegrowers will be present in the 2 Nordic capitals to showcase their vintages to Danish and Swedish importers and journalists.

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