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My V.I.E story: Pauline Gareau, international trainee at Servier in Finland

There are about 200 international V.I.E. trainees in the Nordic countries, working in more than 100 different companies of any size and any sector to help them grow and develop new business opportunities abroad. Pauline Gareau, V.I.E. trainee at Servier Laboratories in Finland, shares with us her experience as a cardiology brand manager.

In which company are you working and what is your role as a V.I.E?

I am working as a Brand Manager at Servier Laboratories, an international pharmaceutical company. Servier has 22,000 employees in 149 countries, including 5,000 in France. The group has a turnover of €4,2 billion comprising €2.9 billion for branded drugs and €1.3 billion for generics. 25 % of turnover from Servier drugs is invested in R&D, excluding generics. The 5 major R&D areas are: cardiovascular, immune-inflammatory and neuropsychiatric diseases, cancer and diabetes.

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Considering your background, what did you bring to your company as a V.I.E., and what did this professional experience bring back to you?

I worked for two years and a half in a pharmaceutical company. I was then more on the field as a Medical Science Liaison: a “mandatory step” to work later on in marketing. My V.I.E as product/brand manager was a unique opportunity for me to have an international experience, which also fits in my career goals. Our subsidiary is very small in Finland. My position of responsibility holds at time some challenges. I learn a lot every day and I guess thanks to my previous job I can adapt more easily.

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How would you describe your experience in your host country?

Finland has this unique culture (frozen sea, sauna, pikkujoulu etc.). This experience will for sure forever impact my career as well as my personal life.

What tips would you give to future V.I.E. coming, or wishing to come, to the Nordic countries?

You will never regret it! I let you discover all the happiness of the Nordic countries.

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