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5 points to show you that the French international internship programme is right for you!

Are you young and looking for an international adventure? With the French International Volunteer Program, 135 countries are available to you. Are you confused by so many choices? Do you want a unique experience? So, welcome to Sweden! Through the International Internship Program, you can meet employers that share your values and aspirations abroad.

What is the French International Volunteer Program?

The French International Internship Program has two legs. On the one hand, a V.I.E. (Volontariat International en Entreprise) allows any young person from the European Economic Area, aged between 18 and 28, to carry out an international assignment for a French company. On the other hand, a V.I.A (Volontariat International en Administration) is the same but on a public body such as embassies.

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The duration of the contract is between 6 and 24 months. For the recruiters, they can find employees who have a passion for working internationally and are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, the financial aid limits the budgetary impact of the V.I.E. for the company, and the administrative management is delegated to Business France. Indeed, this International Internship Program is a win-win situation!

1. The VIE Program: a professional springboard, oriented toward employment and international opportunities

A VIE experience is a springboard for young people and a career accelerator focused on international business and on positions of responsibility. Indeed, it is not voluntary work! You will be paid whether you are at the start of your career or doing a job with real responsibilities. V.I.E and V.I.A are a professional springboard. So, if you dream of being trained abroad, do it!

In Sweden, the VIEs work for French companies mainly based in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. Their companies operate in various sectors, including the pharmaceutical, automotive, service, and food industries. However, they are not only French multinationals but also some SMEs, for which they have overseen the launching of the activity in Sweden. Yes, what responsibility and a challenge it is!

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Whatever your background or experience, you can become an International Intern in a Company (Volontariat International en Entreprise, VIE). Indeed, it is very open since companies recruit in all sectors of activity. For example, they recruit from various professions: marketing, sales, management control, accounting, finance, HR, legal, engineering, production, research, crafts… So, what counts is your sense of responsibility, capacity for autonomy, adaptability, and, above all, your motivation for international work!

2. A professional adventure tailored to your project

First of all, Undertaking a V.I.E assignment at a start-up means joining an innovative company to participate in its development. What are the challenges facing a “start-up” internationally? More often than not, after fundraising, a start-up needs to enter new markets quickly. As a result, testing, adapting, developing, and promoting its products abroad are its biggest challenges. Mainly sales representatives and business developers but also, depending on the needs of the start-up: engineers, developers, profiles in marketing and communication, creatives, etc. sought for a V.I.E assignment.

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Secondly, becoming an International Volunteer within an SME or mid-cap allows you to join a company on a human scale, offering a flexible framework with many challenges. Indeed, the needs of SMEs and mid-caps in terms of V.I.E participants are very development-oriented. As a result, technical sales profiles are particularly sought after. Your knowledge of the company sector and the destination country’s language will be a real plus in convincing these recruiters. If you can demonstrate initiative, flexibility, resourcefulness, and a sense of responsibility, you will probably be of interest to an SME or mid-cap!

Thirdly, undertaking a V.I.E assignment with an influential group is an opportunity to launch your career in an established company that can ultimately offer you many options for development in France and internationally. You can find what you are looking for in R&D, production, development, or support functions (finance, HR, legal, etc.). Do you want to train and specialize in a particular field? Or, do you want to retain the opportunity to change direction? A V.I.E assignment in an influential group is an extraordinary opportunity!

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3. Encounter the Nordic way of life through the International Internship Program

Working life here is balanced and fulfilling in Sweden. “The mentality is cool. We have a real work/life balance. At 5 pm, the day is over! We have real flexibility in our work. There is tolerance and open-mindedness. We feel considered, valued, and have a fundamental role in the team. Generally, companies invest in us and will offer us a local contract if we want to stay.”

Even if you do not intend to work in the language industry, your experience abroad will benefit your learning or progression in the language of the host country. If you mix with people of different nationalities, you will also be able to learn or improve other languages. Even if the first few weeks are the most tiring, you will be surprised at how quickly you master the language and are open to new intercultural encounters.

Furthermore, all VIEs agree that the setting is exceptional and that their integration went exceptionally well at work. “My colleagues switch from Swedish to English as soon as I walk into the room. I am the only non-English speaker, and since I have been here, all communication is in English, so I never feel excluded.”

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4. Large international community of talents in the Nordics and around the world

VIEs offer also a predefined remuneration package indexed to the cost of living, which allows you to live very well once in your host country. Moreover, you are protected by the French Embassy and supported by Business France throughout your V.I.E assignment. As a result, it provides you, your family, and your employer with reassurance! Moreover, joining the International Volunteer adventure means joining for life a network of over 30,000+ international talents worldwide.

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5. One VIE in a lifetime: those who speak best about it are the VIEs!

So, contact us for more information about the V.I.E and V.I.A Program!

Article written by Samy Trabelsi