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Hire successful young international talents with the V.I.E!

Thanks to the V.I.E international internship program, hire young European professionals (up to 28 years old) to complete a professional mission outside France for 6 to 24 months. Backed by the French government and operated by Business France, the V.I.E. is available to all companies headquartered or with a subsidiary in France.

Created in March 2000, the program has a 20-year history. In the Nordic countries, over 2140 talents have completed their assignment since the program’s launch, and 335 are currently performing their professional mission. Sweden welcomes the majority of V.I.E followed by Denmark, Norway and Finland.

1. Attract & retain talents

The V.I.E. is an excellent tool to attract talents by offering them the opportunity to have a professional experience abroad. On top of it, the V.I.E. is a great way to retain talents. According to a recent study, 1 out of 2 talents chose to pursue their career in the organization for which they were on a V.I.E. mission. They either stay in the host country under a local contract, return to France, or move to a new country (EDHEC 2022). The reasons that make those talents stay are an attractive framework and working conditions, interesting missions, development of skills, and career prospects.

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2. An extensive pool of European talents

Thanks to the V.I.E., you can access an extensive international talent pool. Mover than 40 000 candidates are registering in Business France’s database and actively looking for a professional mission abroad.

The program is open to French citizens as well as citizens of the European Economic Area. Candidates must be aged between 18 and 28 years old and meet the eligibility criteria of their host country. On average, talents hired by companies are 25 years old and have a master’s degree with previous work experience.

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3. A flexible formula

The V.I.E. is a flexible program as you can choose the mission length from 6 to 24 months, except for Sweden, where the minimum is 12 months. Contracts can be renewed once up to 24 months.
The flexibility is also geographical, as the assignment can be regionalized so that the candidate covers up to 8 countries. Professional travel is also facilitated, and talents can be trained in France throughout the assignment.

4. A turnkey H.R. solution

The program is designed to make the whole experience hassle-free thanks to the support of Business France at every stage of your project, from the first presentation of the program until the end of your V.I.E.’s mission.

Business France handles the administrative management (payroll, contract, insurance) so that you entirely focus on the operational follow-up of the professional mission. In Nordic countries, we also help your V.I.E. to get through the local procedures, including national registration.

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