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The V.I.E is reaching new highs in Norway!

The Volontariat in Entreprise V.I.E, or international internship program, is a unique French initiative providing companies with a tool to attract talents for a professional mission abroad. A win-win program for both companies and talents, which is achieving a historic growth in Norway. On Wednesday 27 September took place the ceremony of the Grand prix V.I.E Norway 2023, the perfect occasion to highlight the dynamism of the program and of the talents taking part in it.

The V.I.E, a turnkey H.R. solution

The V.I.E, International Internship program, was created by the French government over 20 years ago. Thanks to this program, a company with a French establishment can hire and send a European talent from 18 to 28 years on a working assignment abroad for a period of 6 to 24 months. Over 10,000 young talents are currently pursuing a professional mission around the world.

Very advantageous and cost-effective, this international internship ​program is managed by Business France and enjoys a public status within a protective framework. The program is designed to make the whole experience hassle-free thanks to the support of Business France at every stage of your project, from the first presentation of the program until the end of your V.I.E.’s mission.

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A historic growth for the V.I.E in Norway

Since the first V.I.E came to Norway in 2002, the program has become successful among companies as well as among young talents. With currently 75 VIEs in September 2023, +44% in one year, the growth is impressive. In Norway, V.I.Es work on a variety of missions from finance, business development, marketing, HR to engineering.

With over 40,000 candidates actively looking for a V.I.E opportunity, this could be the perfect opportunity for your company to attract new talents

V.I.E Norway

The Grand Prix V.I.E Norway highlights successful talents

On Wednesday, 27 September, the edition 2023 of the Grand Prix V.I.E. Norway took place in Oslo. The ceremony highlighted the numerous benefits of the program as well as the remarkable achievement and successful integration of V.I.Es in their companies. Opened by HE Florence Robine, French Ambassador to Norway, the ceremony rewarded 3 V.I.Es for their astonishing accomplishments. Congratulations to all of you! 

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