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4 reasons to hire a V.I.E international trainee

In 2019, Business France organized a series of challenges named Grand Prix V.I.E in the 4 Nordic countries. The V.I.E trainees from each country were invited to participate and compete with the production of a short video presenting their experience as international trainees. Here come the awarded videos, a great job done by our talented V.I.E, each providing one more reason to start using this program to develop and grow your business in the Nordics.

1. Hire great international talents

There are more than 40,000 high-level talents registered in our database, directly accessible online on Civiweb.com. You can hire V.I.E international trainees for any type of mission, from 6 to 24 months. They are aged between 18 and 28 and the average profile is 26 years old with a master’s degree and up to 3 years of working experience. The program is open to all European citizens who meet the eligibility criteria.

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2. An all-inclusive program that makes you save time and money

The V.I.E. program enjoys a public status within a protective framework backed by the French state and managed by Business France. All V.I.E trainees come under the protection of French Embassies in the countries of assignment. Furthermore, V.I.E trainees have no contractual ties with their companies since Business France runs the entire administrative process, including insurance and payroll management. As a company, you only have to choose your candidate and welcome him or her as a V.I.E in the host country of your choice.

This makes you save time and resources, but also money since the average cost of a 12 months assignment in the Nordic countries is about €30,000.

The opinion polls show that 95% of user companies are satisfied and more than 72% of them hire their V.I.E trainees before the end of their mission (Ipsos 2018).

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3. Get support from Business France at every stage of your project

Business France will support you at every stage of your project, from the first presentation of the program to the end of your V.I.E trainees’ mission. In the Nordic countries, we help your V.I.E to get through all the local procedures, including national registration, practical advice, and networking opportunities.

On the other hand, we also provide support to host companies by answering all their questions regarding the process and specificities of the program for instance.

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4. Watch the videos of our Nordic winners, they speak for themselves

Here are the videos of the winners from each Nordic country who organized a Grand Prix V.I.E in 2019:

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