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More Nordic companies could benefit from the V.I.E. international trainee program

There are more than 10,600 V.I.E. international trainees in 130 countries all around the world and about 200 in the Nordics, which makes this destination the 12th most attractive. The success of this program is not to be demonstrated anymore since it allows both trainees to gain international work experience and companies to identify their new talents for a very competitive price. Let’s go back to the benefits of this program for Nordic companies and local candidates.

What is the V.I.E. international trainee program and who can benefit from it?

The V.I.E program allows companies based in France for more than 1 year to send young Europeans on a mission abroad for a period varying between 6 and 24 months, renewable once, to match company’s specific needs.
It is open to young people from the European Economic Area (including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, and Norway) between 18 and 28 years old. It appeals to strongly motivated young people: recent graduates, often with some work experience or wishing to take a year out from college.

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What is the V.I.E. status?

The V.I.E. program is managed by Business France (the equivalent of Business Sweden or Business Finland) and enjoys a public status within a protective framework. The candidate comes under the protection of the French Embassy in the country of assignment and has no contractual agreement with the company benefiting from the assignment.

The V.I.E. trainee benefits from comprehensive welfare protection contracted for the company by Business France and is pensionable contribution-free during the assignment period under the French basic national pension system.

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Which kind of mission can be assigned to a V.I.E.?

Job assignments are varied and include for instance: market research, technical support to local teams, carrying out a specific project or covering for a parental leave in some Nordic companies accustomed to using the program.

More and more companies are now turning to computer engineers, pharmacists, financial controllers, technicians, cost accountants, sales representative, administrative personal, etc. for such assignments.

How much will a V.I.E. cost you?

The cost of a V.I.E. trainee relies on the following elements:

Here is the estimated cost of a V.I.E. performing a 12 months assignment on May 2019, in companies with a turnover above €200 M:

You can also estimate the cost of a V.I.E. trainee directly on this page (in French).

Where to find the right candidate to match your needs?

Business France promotes V.I.E. through schools of higher education and youth career orientation centers. More than 40,000 applicants with high-level profiles are currently registered and ready to satisfy specific demands. Just log on to our V.I.E. site Civiweb.com to find your ideal candidate or to place job offers via Business France. Upon request, Business France can also assist you in finding specific profiles.

In the Nordics, we organize roadshows to different universities to present the program to students with interest in studying in France to let them know that such opportunities exist for them too.

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How to apply for a V.I.E.?

For Nordic companies, your application for a V.I.E. must be sent to your headquarters or counterpart based in France, which is the only office authorized to contract with Business France.

Ask the local office of Business France in the Nordics for more information and support to set up a V.I.E. project: nordic@businessfrance.fr