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My V.I.E story: Marie Le Bras, international trainee at Pierre Fabre Laboratories in Denmark

There are about 200 international V.I.E. trainees in the Nordic countries, working in more than 100 different companies. The V.I.E. trainee program allows any type of company to send young talents to expand their business abroad. Here is the story of Marie Le Bras, V.I.E. trainee in Denmark for Pierre Fabre Laboratories.

In which company are you working and what is your role as a V.I.E?

I have been working as a Business Controller at Pierre Fabre Laboratories since March 2017, and in their office in Denmark since September 2018. My missions are: sales analysis for the Nordics and backup for the business controlling and business intelligence teams. This French group has been focusing for more than 50 years on three complementary activities: prescription drugs, health and dermo-cosmetics. In my subsidiary we sell dermo-cosmetics products with the brands such as Avène, A-Derma, Ducray, Klorane…

Considering your background, what did you bring to your company as a V.I.E, and what did this professional experience bring back to you?

My background in France, at the headquarter, represents a strength because I know how the HQ works and I can bring some ideas to help everybody and improve our working approach. Before Pierre Fabre, I had worked for another company, a subsidiary, in Paris area. So, I already known how we have to be efficient and quick to answer to the HQ. For me, this experience is huge. Firstly, because it is my first time abroad. Secondly, I am sure that it will benefit my professional future. We can learn a new vision, a new working approach, a new language and a lot about this new culture even at work.

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How would you describe your experience in your host country?

Denmark is very close to France, but we can also notice easily that we are different. The Nordics are for me fulfilling countries thanks to a good balance between professional and personal life. It is exactly like that. I am so happy to live this life. In France, it will be impossible for me to do my work week and all my hobbies (dance, sport, yoga…) in the same week. In Denmark you can also notice that everybody is respectful, in the transport for example. I can say that I am less stressed every day, it is peaceful to be here.

What tips would you give to future V.I.E. coming, or wishing to come, to the Nordic countries?

If you want to come to the Nordic countries, don’t hesitate. Even if we are close to France, you will discover those countries (and more), a new culture and a new language. Everybody speaks English here, so the language barrier, Danish for example, should not be a drag.

Is there anything more that you’d like to share…

I am very glad to have this V.I.E. experience. Now, I know that I would like to continue my life abroad to keep this amazing life with a lot of personal and professional discoveries.

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