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Our primary objective is to enable companies to find business partners in both continents. Relying on a network of 300+ business experts in France, we consistently monitor markets to find the most promising French companies and help them navigate their way to international development. In sub-Saharan Africa, our mission is to help local companies find the best French suppliers or technology partners for their development.

Our Services


Business France offers turnkey B-to-B solutions designed for local businesses in search of new suppliers and partners. Our local advisors first evaluate a company’s specific needs then our network in France targets export-oriented prospects matching these needs. Once the company chooses which suppliers from a given selection meets these, we organize a day of individual meetings, in Paris or at the client’s headquarters.

Showcasing French Expertise

Business France organizes annually over 50 events introducing relevant French companies to potential African partners. We bring forth France’s entrepreneurial elite at events such as trade shows and independently organized product showcases and tastings, coaching them to ensure their strategy is adapted and inclusive of local consumer customs and behaviors. Each of these instances constitute an opportunity for local businesses to identify future suppliers, clients, and partners.

Technological & Scientific Matchmaking

Ensuring R&D is at the forefront, we initiate meetings between major national and local players and smaller companies and startups from France having developed niche research and technology. By doing so, we enable them to determine possible synergies to further develop innovative products through scientific collaboration or funding.

Supporting Innovation

Our team works tirelessly on creating new formats in sectors where French expertise is in high demand, providing investment opportunities in critical technologies, in fields as diverse as deep tech, agriculture, beauty, manufacturing and healthcare.

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Choose France Cosmetics - Marketplace

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Importers (wholesalers, distributors, retailers…) of beauty or food & beverage products, join Business France’s digital platforms for free, to develop your business with French companies.

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ExportLifestyle & HealthcareSouth Africa
What if you could source in one place a wide range of French-made cosmetics products?

What if you could source in one place a wide range of French-made cosmetics products?

With the support of the Export Program of the French government, Business France is happy to introduce the new digital platform to promote the cosmetics and beauty sector to international decision-makers. This digital hub allows the South African and African buyers...