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Business France provides free guidance to make your business projects in France a success. Our team of experts is committed to helping Sub-Saharan companies / entrepreneurs by giving tailor-made advice, regardless of your investment projects: expansion of existing sites, new investment sites, industrial / technology partnerships, acquisitions, or financial investments.


Why choose France ?

For the 4th time in a row, France confirmed its top position in Europe, while its main competitors (Germany and the UK) are observing a decline.
Why is France so attractive?
Read the executive summary for EY’s report and find out.


OECD country, in terms of public funding and tax incentives for business R&D


invested in the next 5 years to bolster competitiveness


FDI projects hosted

The France 2030 Plan

The France 2030 Plan, launched in October 2021 by the President of the French Republic, proposes major investment choices by strengthening key industrial and technological sectors to support decarbonisation and innovation, from fundamental research to development, right through to industrialisation. As the world’s No. 1 destination for foreign investment, France has a budget of €54 billion, to be deployed over 5 years.

144R&D centers

hosted in 2022 ahead of the United Kingdom (127) and Germany (52).

66business leaders

surveyed plans to invest in France this year.

How France can turn you into a world champ’

Key player in innovation and tech

The best R&D incentive in Europe is the research tax credit and, thanks to this, France is No. 1 for public R&D funding.

Success Stories

They Choose France

Hannes Wilke

Genesis Projects

“I can honestly say that it would have been VERY difficult to setup the business in France without the help of Business France.”

Cebisile Investment and Advisory (CIBA)

“South African consultancy Cebisile Investment and Advisory (CIBA) in 2022 opened an office in Reims, France, and sees much potential for this to bolster its future growth and development, as well as assist the company in progressing its destination 2025 strategy.”

Christine Govindsamy

CEO of Hashtag MO Holdings

“As soon as I reached out to Business France I was assisted from every step in terms of vetting our Business Plan, understanding what our requirements were, assisting us in understanding the different kinds of businesses we can set up in France, the ones that are most suitable to our organisation and when I had questions these were directly answered.”

Laila Slim


“I would recommend using Business France as they played an invaluable role in setting up my company in France. It is important for a foreign company to know from the start what we want, why we are going to set up in France and what the company will bring to France. Setting up in France is culturally, economically and socially enriching on both sides”.

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Business France connects you with various French suppliers and provides guidance / access to investment opportunities in France. You can also contact us if you want to know more about the V.I.E International Volunteering Program.

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