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A perfect international match

Marie Silvestre

International trainee at Pernod Ricard

“Being a V.I.E in South Africa was an amazing experience for me, on a professional and personal level. I have been able to meet so many different people during these 2 years that were all very convivial, warm, and welcoming. All Pernod Ricard South Africa made me feel extremely welcomed and comfortable, it is like being part of a family now, a family that made me grow professionally and personally.”

Simon Barral

International trainee at Lesaffre Group

“This professional experience has allowed me to have a great level of responsibilities straight away, which is learning me a lot, and not only in finance! My stress management has vastly improved, as well as my capacity of adaptation when facing issues”

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As a member of our team, you will take part in a high value mission, spanning sustainable business relations between Sub-Saharan Africa and France. You will oversee diverse challenging projects, working closely with an extended network of passionate people forming a multicultural team.

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