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Welcome to France, a talent friendly destination!

Wait a minute – about French bureaucracy, can it possibly be that simple? Well, France is not yet 100% there, but it is changing – fast!

A unique guide to prepare for coming to France

France needs more and more talent in its companies and start-ups. Conversely, these talents are often interested in the French ecosystem to make a career! All the administrative procedures have been simplified to make it easier for these talents and their families to settle in France. It is now possible to access a single guide that provides all policies.

Citizens of a Member State of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland do not need a visa, a work permit, or a residence permit to settle in France. Therefore, citizens of the Nordic countries – members of the EU – do not need to take particular steps. However, to have a right of residence as a worker for more than three months, EU citizens must prove that they are carrying out a professional activity in France.

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Do you want to know more about the strategic sectors in the Normandy region? Download our business guides to find comprehensive information on national and regional development strategies, calls for projects, testimonials from foreign entrepreneurs established in the region, and useful contacts to help you move your investment projects forward.

More information is available on welcometofrance.com. The latter also covers a wide range of info on settling in France: social security, taxes, finding international schools for kids, etc. If you don’t find what you need on the site, the helpdesk can answer your questions within 3 business days.

Attracting non-European talent with Talent Passports

Sometimes, companies established in France need to hire foreign talent. France has set up a welcoming policy for non-European skills who wish to join innovative companies that support the French economy. Known as the “Passeport Talents,” this particular residence permit is valid for four years for the holder and their family; it can be obtained directly abroad or in France by applying for a residence permit change of status.

This particular residence permit concerns investors (at least €300,000), entrepreneurs, and company directors. As well as researchers and founders of innovative companies, salaried employees in young innovative companies or blue cardholders (highly qualified) also benefit from this administrative facility. Special conditions apply depending on the applicant’s profile.

French Tech Visa: doing more for innovation and start-ups

For non-European foreign nationals, the French Tech Visa is a simplified procedure for investors, founders (selected by incubators or accelerators), and employees (recruited by French companies in France and recognized as innovative) of non-European start-ups to settle in France. France is the only country to have set up a visa that meets all these criteria: granted without a diploma requirement, extended to the applicant’s family, valid for four renewable years (it is even possible to change start-ups or launch one’s own in the meantime), free of charge (in the US, it costs $5000 plus $1500-300 immigration lawyer fees; the French Tech visa itself costs $0, there are only €368 filing fees), and identical regardless of the nationality of origin.

“The French tech ecosystem has been growing rapidly. And many French start-ups have chosen to work in English and hire foreign talent. Tech talent is becoming a global talent pool, so this visa scheme is essential for the future of the French tech ecosystem.” – Techcrunch

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And otherwise, why not import French talent?

Volontariat International en Enterprise (V.I.E.) is a program that enables companies based in France to send young Europeans on an internship to work abroad for periods of up to 24 months, renewable once, which can be arranged to match their specific requirements. The V.I.E International Internship Program platform includes over 40,000 qualified talent profiles that can be accessed directly online. The success of this program is not to be demonstrated anymore since it allows both trainees to gain international work experience and companies to identify their new talents for a very competitive price. Nord companies must sent their applications to Business France headquarters or counterpart based in France, the only office authorized to contract with Business France.

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