Interview with Mr. Halim ABOU HARB, Deputy General Manager – LIBANO-SUISSE INSURANCE COMPANY



    Interview with Mr. Halim ABOU HARB – Deputy General Manager LIBANO-SUISSE INSURANCE COMPANY

    Can you tell us about your company, the Libano-Suisse Insurance Company?

    Let me begin by expressing that we are thrilled to be a Business France partner and to be a part of the 2023 update of this “Guide des Affaires Qatar” (Doing business guide in Qatar, edition 2023).

    Libano-Suisse Insurance Company Qatar is a member of the Libano-Suisse Group, a pioneer in the Middle East and North Africa insurance business. The firm is also a market leader in its native market of Lebanon, and it is backed by internationally famous reinsurers. Libano-Suisse, founded in 1959, has expanded fast from a provincial insurer to a regional business known for its insurance competence.  

    With 800 totally devoted professionals, we presently service over 400,000 consumers in seven countries (United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, and so Qatar). The Lebano-Suisse Insurance Company was established in Qatar in 1960, making it one of the first foreign insurance firms to do business in the country.

    What makes the Libano-Suisse Insurance Company in Qatar unique?

    We stand out for our attentiveness, excellent responsiveness, and tailor-made solutions, thanks to innovative, high-performance insurance products.

    With over 60 years of expertise in the Qatari market, we are well equipped to assist our business customers, including subsidiaries of international firms, whether they have been established in Qatar for some time or are newcomers to the Qatari market. Libano-Suisse is devoted to providing its customers with the greatest possible protection, according to its extensive experience, competence, and know-how.

    What types of insurance products do you offer?

    In Qatar, Libano-Suisse provides a comprehensive range of insurance solutions to safeguard our clients’ health and assets from life’s unforeseen catastrophes. We use a creative, adaptable, and agile approach to providing coverage to suit the changing needs of our clients as personal and professional possibilities and dangers arise. We provide complete coverage for all insurance categories, including health, motor, personal accident, marine, comprehensive home insurance, and travel assistance, to mention a few.

    What insurance plans are compulsory in Qatar? What insurance plans and coverage do you offer to protect businesses in Qatar?

    The Libano-Suisse Insurance Company is committed to ensuring that our customers completely comply with the Qatari financial authorities’ measures and laws. As a result, we provide insurance plans for the following mandatory coverages: motor, health insurance for persons over 60, workers’ compensation, and visa insurance for domestic travelers.

    Libano-Suisse Qatar responds to the needs of SMEs, ETIs and large groups alike, offering firstly a risk assessment, an essential preliminary inventory, and secondly appropriate insurance solutions. Our standard and specialized plans are designed to protect our customers’ interests through a variety of plans, such as standard group health insurance (for employees), comprehensive motor insurance, property insurance, public liability, marine cargo insurance and industrial equipment insurance. Our twofold ambition is to protect our customers effectively against risk, and to enable them to comply with local regulations, so that they can concentrate on their operational activities with peace of mind.