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    Dawex Joining the Global Innovator Community of the World Economic Forum

    Dawex, the leading technology company for data exchangedata marketplace and data hub, today announced joining the Global Innovator community of the World Economic Forum. Member of the Data Policy Platform dedicated to “Shaping the Future of Data Policy”, Dawex actively contributes to the Data Policy working group aiming at unlocking the value of data for all through increased collaboration, policy development and strengthened actions across data ecosystems.

    The Global Innovators Community is an invitation-only group of the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups that are at the forefront of ethical technological and business model innovation, looking at bringing forward new ideas to help protect societies, communities and industries around the world.

    “The challenges organizations are facing today, whether climate, food, diseases, economic, environmental or social, have become so complex that it is now impossible for any individual company or government to solve them by themselves.” says Fabrice Tocco, Dawex co-CEO. “Better access and use of data from multiple sources, organized within data ecosystems, can successfully address the world’s most pressing issues.”

    Awarded Tech Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, invited to join the Data Policy Global Future Council and speak at last year’s Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos on “Strengthening trust in public-private data exchanges”, Dawex pursues its engagement in sharing its vision & expertise on the future of data exchanges and ecosystems, supporting the comprehensive work the World Economic Forum Data Policy group is undertaking to accelerate data circulation for the common good.

    “Data exchange is an innovation enabler and unlocks the value of data, renewing the way public and private organizations collaborate. As Global Innovator, Dawex remains committed to supporting the World Economic Forum Data Policy workstream in driving public and private organizations to seize the data opportunities and open new horizons. This is shaping a promising future.” added Fabrice Tocco.