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As multinational companies look to decarbonize their supply chains across the world, strong national green policies and local supplier capabilities become a key selling point to prospective investors. With an ambitious environmental strategy, key assets in green sectors and an attractive investment climate, France offers the ideal platform for foreign investors looking for a sustainable expansion.

The Energy Mix

France’s energy mix ranks second in Europe (behind Sweden) with less than 10% of its electricity production based on fossil fuels. France is a net exporter of electricity and best positioned in the Euro zone to face the current energy crisis.

Zero Emissions by 2050

France legislated a net zero emissions target for 2050 in its 2019 Energy and Climate Act. A national low-carbon strategy and a $35 billion multiannual plan (“France 2030”) for energy investments complement the long-term target.

Anti-Waste Legislation

France adopted in 2020 a pioneering Anti-waste Law aiming to eliminate waste and pollution from the design stage. It is part of a nationwide strategy to transform the system of production, distribution, and consumption from a linear to a circular economic model. This includes public funding to create 70,000 jobs in reuse networks and encourage the donation of unsold goods. By including not only businesses but also local governments and municipalities in the effort, this law creates a favorable context for manufacturers to design their products to be more easily recyclable.

Environmental Policies

France has been shaped by the development of environmental policy at the European level, setting up institutions with special responsibility for pollution control and natural resource management. The country offers a comprehensive legislative framework, which may sometimes be perceived as strict but is aligned with the overall ambition to tackle climate change. France’s green policy uses a wide array of instruments, including regulations, economic instruments, planning and voluntary measures. Its implementation at different levels of government has been designed to avoid any redundancy and give transparency to businesses.

Central Position & Transportation

France is a key hub for any company wishing to expand its reach in Europe and internationally while controlling the carbon footprint of its logistical operations due to its exceptional geographical position, and the quality and diversity of its transportation infrastructures.

If you plan to settle in Europe or to expand your existing European presence, France is your solution to create synergies between sustainability and business rationale.

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