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What’s happening with La French Tech in 2022?

Once upon a time, twenty-six unicorns… This is how the fabulous fairy tale of French unicorns could begin. In early 2022 alone, five new unicorns have already appeared, outstripping the target of 25 unicorns by 2025! FinTech start-ups have been particularly active in 2021 and many of them have joined the select Next40 and FrenchTech120 rankings. Now, the government wants to take advantage of these dynamics to reindustrialize France and continue strengthening its competitiveness. An ambition that the government also wishes to extend to the European level during its presidency of the council.

Good progress for La French Tech!

In 2019, France set itself to reach 25 unicorns by 2025. This goal has been met in less than three years. 15 new French unicorns have joined the kingdom of the French Tech – including only 3 in 2020 and 12 in 2021. Since the beginning of 2022 alone – in less than 18 days – France counts 5 new unicorns! An excellent start for 2022 after a record year in 2021, where La French Tech collectively raised €11.6 billion, an increase of 115% in 2020 (€5.4 billion).

Although some European partners have seen a more robust increase in fundraising, France still stands out for the number of deals carried out. 782 compared to 586 in 2020, i.e., a rise of 33.5% (source: Madyness, 2021). Moreover, in 2021, 20 fundraising deals were bigger than or equal to €100 million, making 10 of the 13 highest deals in French Tech announced in 2021 only.

Almost half of the new unicorns are specialized in FinTech. Ledger offers cryptocurrency gesture solutions. Lydia enables mobile payment. Swile manages employee benefits. Sorare is a fantasy football game with crypto-currencies. And, Younited enables online credit. Now, France wants to propel industrial and technological unicorns. Funding has been presented as part of the France 2030 strategy. La French Tech is expected to become one of the main drivers of the country’s reindustrialization.

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French hot start-ups to watch in 2022

Since 2019 and every year, Next40 and French Tech 120 ranks highlight the most promising French Tech start-ups for the future. FinTech and HealthTech start-ups are highly ranked among the new members of these lists! Like start-ups in the Nordic countries, these are the first two most dynamic sectors of French Tech:

These indexes are also reliable for reporting future successes! Today, half of the start-ups on the Next40 index are unicorns. And, initially ranked in the #Next40 index, OVHcloud and Believe have left these indices after their successful IPO!

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In 2022, 13 start-ups entered the 120 most promising start-ups!

Notably, in FinTech and InsurTech:

And other innovative start-ups:

French Tech Next40/120 - 2022 Promotion - *Start-ups in red have been selected for the Next40 program.

Towards a European Unicorn Tech Community

By comparison, when France raises €11.6 billion, the UK remains ahead with €32.36 billion (+155%) with Germany and its €16.21 billion raised (+209%). Similarly, Sweden shows outstanding results with €7.61 billion raised (+148%). Moreover, compared to its population, Stockholm is the second-largest producer of unicorns in the world after Silicon Valley! Spotify, Skype, King, Mojang, Klarna, SoundCloud, Izettle, Truecaller, and, above all, Northvolt, a manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles, with a record round of €2.33 billion.

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During its office as President of the EU Council, France has set a new objective: “10 tech giants at the European level”. France wants to put digital technology on the agenda for the upcoming months. “The French Presidency is the first to establish the ‘European Innovation Area’ as a priority. This is a solid signal,” said Mariya Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Innovation and Youth, in an interview with Madyness (in French) on 26 January 2022.

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France’s innovative ecosystem: new investments for industrial and DeepTech unicorns

For example, the young Finnish unicorn Aiven, specializing in the cloud, pursues its development strategy in Europe by opening a new office in Paris, France. It shows the importance of France’s innovative ecosystem! New unicorns are expected to join the French market as the government has announced new investments, particularly for industrial and DeepTech unicorns. Structural reforms of the French economy are also creating a more welcoming environment for generating more investment!

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Article written by Samy Trabelsi

© Image credit: La French Tech