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Watch the replay of our webinar about the French hydrogen ecosystem in the Pays de la Loire Region!

The Pays de la Loire Region is to become one of the French regional leaders in clean hydrogen production! During a webinar held on April 28, Business France and the Region experts explained the national and regional approaches to hydrogen. The startup Lhyfe shared its experience about how it has already benefited from the dynamic ecosystem of hydrogen in the Pays de la Loire Region. Watch our replay to learn more about your following business opportunities!

France is designing its green hydrogen sector to become a European leader!

The first part of the webinar was dedicated to the French national hydrogen strategy. Indeed, hydrogen has become a priority on the French public agenda. In particular, decarbonized hydrogen has become considered strategic energy since 2018. The presentation of the France 2030 plan features massive support for decarbonized hydrogen spanning from production to use cases (mobility and transportation, industry, decarbonization). To date, €9 billion is being invested in developing the hydrogen industry in France. During the presentation, calls for projects were presented – some of which are still open!

The Pays de la Loire, a booming region on track to industrializing hydrogen

Secondly, the Pays de la Loire Region also highlighted its regional assets. Indeed, the region offers natural and industrial assets. The Region also illustrated its value chain and demonstrated that there are still many business opportunities in a dynamic and highly demanding market. The startup Lhyfe, which will extend its activities to the Nordic countries, finally shared its testimony on its activity in the Pays de la Loire region and on its numerous ongoing projects.

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Article written by Samy Trabelsi