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The future of agriculture is organic, and in Normandy!



The current events linked with Covid-19 accelerate the leap toward the ecological and agroecological transition by shortening the supply chains. According to sustainable development, the urge is to guarantee food security from an economic and social perspective. Thereby, in the last years, the French Government and the Normandy Region have taken a series of initiatives to develop organic agriculture in France. As often, innovation is primordial to unlock new solutions for local organic agriculture businesses in France, and Normandy strives to provide an optimal environment.

France is engaged in the ecological agricultural transition to organic food…

France 2030 is the answer to the significant challenges of our time, notably the ecological transition. Indeed, the plan aims to deal with these challenges through a massive investment plan to identify future technological champions and support the changes in our sectors of excellence.

Moreover, France 2030 has one ambition: to prepare France for tomorrow (and of tomorrow) by making major strategic investment choices. Indeed, the aim is to give France a head start by creating new future industrial and technological sectors to accompany the ecological and digital transitions.

Therefore, France 2030 focuses on five important transversal levers for achieving the plan’s ambitions:

Otherwise, this strategic plan invests in healthy, sustainable, and traceable food to accelerate the agricultural and food revolution. In fact, healthily feeding a growing population requires decarbonizing production and ensuring the preservation of biodiversity. In other words, there are 2 objectives:

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…and so do Normandy!

On the other hand, Normandy promotes the realization of projects of conversion and installation in organic farming. For example, the region supports the structuring of these sectors to meet the growing needs of organic producers, the substantial expectations of consumption of organic products, and the agri-environment.

Furthermore, the Region supports investments for a triple economic, social, and environmental performance in the food system. In the same way, the objective is to define a strategic vision for all regional sectors:

Also, the development of efficient and innovative food processing tools enhances the value of regional agricultural production. Thus, it meets the needs of large consumption areas nearby. The Region supports investments in food processing industries and encourages the creation and development of processing workshops on the farm. In conclusion, this process increases the added value and restores the link between the producer and the consumer, with no biodiversity loss in the long term.

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The food industry in Normandy

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