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Ready-to-use sites: speed up the establishment of your industrial site in France.

With the development of ready-to-use sites, France reinforces its strategic position as the leading destination for industrial projects. Many sites will soon benefit from this innovative procedure, making it easier to set up their industrial projects.

According to the latest EY survey,  France ranks 1st for Foreign Direct Investments in Europe for the 4th year in a row, offering a particular business-friendly environment. Among tax treatment for research, development projects and leadership in innovation, the ready-to-use sites program also contributes to France’s attractivity.

The ambition to accelerate reindustrialisation and relocate industrial production.

After years of deindustrialisation, the covid crisis has been a reminder of the importance of industrial sovereignty. Since 2020, there has been a growing desire to relocate industrial production in France.

The French government has set several investment plans to release a new industrial agenda. The Industry Territories program and France Relance nurtured this objective by developing strategic sectors and reducing France’s dependencies. Launched in October 2021, France 2030 is accelerating this effort further in 10 strategic sectors of the future.

As a result, 150 industrial sites with more than ten employees were opened in France in 2022. Ready-to-use sites initiative has contributed to developing competitiveness and attractiveness of French businesses ecosystems.

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Speeding up the implementation of your industrial projects 

Thanks to its strategic position in Europe and impressive infrastructures, France is a competitive industrial company market. A “ready-to-use site” is a location immediately available for industrial or logistics activities. This implementation in record time is made possible by the simplification of procedures. Indeed, the authorisations required to set up a new industrial activity have already been anticipated thank to a controlled timeframe .

By enabling the construction of an industrial site to begin more quickly while guaranteeing a high level of environmental protection, these sites are an invaluable asset for supporting your industrial activities.

Ready to use sites: a pro-business scheme. 

Through this program, the French government has prioritised speeding up the procedures required for compagnies to establish themself in the country. Two main principles drive this program :

France has already identified nearly a hundred ready-to-use sites available for investors. For those 94 sites, France already anticipated the power connections and environmental procedures. Furthermore, when land is in short supply, Bruno Le Maire, French minister of economy, has recently announced a billion-euro investment to clean up brownfield sites, aiming to provide 50 new ready-to-use sites between 2023 and 2027.  

A tool tailored to suit your needs: The Dataviz Ready-to-Use Sites

Last december, The Banque des Territoires and Business France developed a mapping tool enabling you to quickly locate the industrial and logistics sites that meet your expectations. Freely accessible, the Dataviz Ready-to-Use sites makes your search easier by suggesting locations suited to the needs of your investment project. This module offers detailed information on the economic land available and the associated services, both onsite (availability of energy and water, digital offer, etc) and nearby (major infrastructure, transport services, business networks, etc).

The French government continually updated the Dataviz Ready-to-Use sites tool with additional data, with the constant aim of helping and fast-tracking decision-making by investors. The Banque des Territoires and Business France work together to support your ambitions.

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