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Paris 2024: companies and people are also Olympic champions!

Paris 2024 will be unique Olympic and Paralympic Games beyond sport! With 150,000 jobs and up to €10.7 billion in revenues, this major international event is a tremendous showcase for France and its economy. Paris 2024 offers great business opportunities. Thanks to an inclusive competitiveness approach, specific platforms highlight small businesses and SSE companies to secure offers. In total, companies will benefit from almost thousands of contracts worth €5 billion. The Olympics will create long-term infrastructure and leave a strong “legacy” with a solid people-friendly approach.

With Paris 2024, businesses in gold: up to €10.7 billion in revenues

The 2024 Paris Games could increase business opportunities and benefits by between €5.3 and €10.7 billion. Thus, according to the organizers of Paris 2024, this is “an exceptional opportunity to encourage economic activity, promote France, its territories and its know-how, develop tourism and increase its international influence. Companies will export their expertise, demonstrate it, and practice it during the Games. Indeed, the country’s entire economic sector will benefit fully from the Games effect: employment, investment, consumption.”

Already three platforms allow companies to follow the public markets and bids for the 2024 Games:

In short, these measures “[will] contribute to meeting the major challenges posed by the organization of the Olympic Games and to reaping all the benefits for the economy and employment in our country,” emphasizes the MEDEF (employers’ organization).

With Paris 2024, people are not just spectators: 150,000 jobs!

In addition, the organization of the Games will mobilize more than 150,000 jobs. Of these, 78,300 jobs will be dedicated to the organization (transport, events, communication, etc.), 60,000 to tourism (hotels and restaurants, etc.), and 11,700 to construction.

The Ministry of Labor and Employment also intends to mobilize the resources of the skills investment plan (amounting to €1 billion) to support employment integration projects for the Games. Paris 2024 has set the objective that 10% of the hours worked on the construction sites should be dedicated to people far from employment. Moreover, Pôle Emploi creates a virtual agency emplois2024.fr (in French) for the occasion and lists all the available jobs. The Ministry also wants to meet the skills needs for the preparation and running of the Olympic Games by investing in the creation or development of Apprentice Training Centres (CFA). Finally, the five representative trade unions signed a social charter. This is the first time that trade union and employer representatives are involved.

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Olympics legacy that lasts beyond 2024 and business

Above all, the Olympics will be greener and more inclusive and intend to leave a “legacy.” “For us, it’s not just about delivering events,” confirms former French taekwondo champion Michaël Aloïsio, also involved in the Committee. The infrastructure built, mainly in Seine-Saint-Denis (area near Paris), will be used by the population after the Games. The Olympic village will be transformed into a park with 4,000 homes. The city of Saint-Denis will also benefit from the footbridges built over the highway. “The aim is really to maximize the impact of the Games,” concludes Marie Barsacq, Executive Director Impact & Legacy. In a nutshell, to leave a trace that is not only sporting!

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The Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games will also be an opportunity to promote the sport in society and develop sports practice in France. The Scandinavian standards are held up as a model! After the creation of a pass’sport to accompany 5.4 million children towards sport (€100 million budget) and the implementation of 30 minutes of daily sport in schools, the government announced the construction of 5,000 new sports grounds in France by 2024 for a budget of €200 million, added to €50 million for the thermal renovation of sports buildings.

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Article written by Samy Trabelsi