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Normandy is a showcase region for hydrogen production and mobility

Last September, France announced its national hydrogen strategy as part of the recovery plan, with €7 billion over ten years to become a world leader in this sector. The aim is to guarantee in the short term the mass production of hydrogen from renewable sources and to make this “green hydrogen” a viable solution for improving air quality and combating global warming. French regions seized this opportunity to foster the emergence of a leading national hydrogen sector. Among them, the North, South, and Normandy regions participated in a webinar organized by Business France Nordic on May 11th. The Nordic countries, which are already advanced in the environmental transition and full of resources, are indeed wanted partners in the low-carbon hydrogen transition.

Watch the replay of the webinar on the French hydrogen strategy and its regional approaches.

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Normandy, a dense network of hydrogen production and mobility

Already a leading region in the development of the hydrogen sector, Normandy can proudly count various successful projects launched to strengthen the role of hydrogen in the energy transition.

Some forty light hydrogen vehicles are now already in circulation in Normandy. This regional fleet should be extended to some 90 vehicles in the coming months, and 50 commitments to purchase from local authorities and companies have been received.

The EAS-HyMob project (Easy Access to Hydrogen Mobility) is a network of 15 hydrogen recharging stations for light vehicles in Normandy, supported by the Normandy Region, Symbio, and Serfim. The objective is to have a fleet of approximately 250 hydrogen vehicles in circulation, with a budget estimated at 4.8 million EUR. The EAS-HyMob program is the only project of the regional scope and could make Normandy a national leader in the field. With the EAS-Hymob network, Normandy now offers a network of 10 interoperable recharging stations, the densest network in France.

Recently, ArianeGroup, together with ENGIE, announced its intention to make the industrial site of Vernon a leading European hydrogen hub. Vernon is already the first European production center of liquid hydrogen, and it is recognized for the reliability and safety of its industrial use of hydrogen. The aerospace giant now wants to share these skills and be a leading player in the development of the sector in Normandy and Europe. ArianeGroup plans to create a school for engineers specializing in hydrogen at its Vernon site. It already imagines federating the players in green mobility using hydrogen for maritime or river transport.

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A hydrogen station in a parking in Rouan

Hydrogen station in Normandy - Picture Ouest France
photo credit Ouest France

A €450 million hydrogen plant in Normandy

The founders of the young company H2V PRODUCT* have announced their intention to acquire 27 hectares of land in the Port-Jérôme industrial zone to build and operate a hydrogen mass-production plant. With an estimated investment of €450 million and the start of operations expected in 2022, the plant should eventually employ 180 people.

The plant, which benefits from a massive investment by AirLiquide, will produce hydrogen by electrolysis of water. It will produce biogas by combining it with CO2 from a neighboring plant through methanation. The final products will be marketed by injection into natural gas transport networks and infrastructure dedicated to mobility. The plant will be designed to operate 24 hours a day. It will recover 100,000 tons of CO2 per year and market approximately 435,000 MWh of biogas (methane or CH4).

This strategic investment demonstrates Normandy’s long-term commitment to hydrogen energy and its ambition to be a significant player in the supply of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen to contribute to the decarbonization of the industrial and mobility markets.

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Normandy Hydrogen Plan, to assert the region’s leading position on hydrogen

Wishing to build on this potential, the Normandy Region was the first French region to adopt its hydrogen sector support plan in October 2018. The region launched a €15 million hydrogen plan over five years to develop hydrogen-powered cars and bikes, open 15 new hydrogen stations and equip ports. Composed of 9 objectives and 46 actions, the Normandy Hydrogen Plan relies on the assets of the territory, the skills, and the already existing actors of hydrogen1. The regional strategy is structured in two axes: to structure and lead the ecosystem and its animation and give hydrogen a proper role in the energy transition. The industry (refining, fertilizers, glassmaking, metallurgy) and heavy mobility (buses/coaches, trucks, barges, ferries) are prioritized.

Watch the replay of the webinar on the French hydrogen strategy and its regional approaches.

Download the presentations:

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