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Meet the Wellness companies of Occitanie at EcoLife Scandinavia

Meet the wellness companies of the French region Occitanie at EcoLife Scandinavia in Malmö on November 13th & 14th. Four innovative companies will showcase their products on the Occitanie region pavilion, stand D21.

Four innovative French companies on the Occitanie region pavilion at Ecolife

Come and discover French regional brands at EcoLife Scandinavia on the 13th & 14th of November in Malmö. They will expose their innovative products on the Occitanie region pavilion, stand D21. Four companies which mirror the values of the Occitanie region: Mediterranean zest for life, quality products, local know-how, genuineness, natural goodness.

Have a look at the four companies from Occitanie attending EcoLife this year:

LOUISE EMOI– Cold-processed soaps and organic care products made with love.

LOUISE EMOI cold-processed soaps are made following the most rigorous standards for cosmetics and organic farming (Nature et Progrès label). LOUISE EMOI creates its products without any palm oil and works with local farmers as often as possible. The company makes its own plant macerations and develops its mix of essential oils. Come and discover the LOUISE EMOI products at EcoLife!

APIMAB LABORATOIRES – The best of beehive products.

APIMAB Laboratoires develops natural care products, food supplements and cosmetics for the whole family based on beehive materials and above all propolis - the natural and powerful defender of the hive. Our brand PROPOLIA® cares for your Well-Being and Beauty in the most natural way.

Brand new product: the organic Propolis Pastilles with Plum & Cherry. Combining the properties of the hive defender propolis with the tangy taste of plum and cherry, they contain 95% organic ingredients and no added sugar.

LABORATOIRE ODOST / BUCCOTHERM -Premium natural and certified organic personal care products with a unique ingredient: soothing Thermal Spring water from Castéra-Verduzan.

BUCCOTHERM® is a complete range of oral care products and CASTERA® is a range of hygiene products and thermal mists. BUCCOTHERM has developed a Sensitive Gums Ritual with 2 innovative products for gentle treatment of Sensitive Gums:

LABORATOIRE EV ROIG / CENTELLA - More than 47 years of experience in the developing, producing and selling of organic and natural cosmetic products.

Laboratory E.V. ROIG is a French designer, producer, and distributor of natural organic cosmetic products dedicated to professionals in the beauty industry. It produces two professional ranges, Centella and Hydraflore, and provides top of the range organic treatment programs and products. Based on the Centella Asiatica plant known for its remarkable properties, the beauty products are organic, highly concentrated and efficient.

Occitanie is the cradle of innovation in the wellness industry

Occitanie is France’s leading Region for organic cosmetics. It is the 1st thermal area in France, the cradle of more than 250 innovative companies and renowned laboratories in dermo-cosmetics, food supplements and wellness. Wellness companies in the Occitanie Region operate within a sector dedicated to the “Art de Vivre” and draw inspiration from their land of origin, offering a range of products and services focusing on the development of the body and mind.

Did you know that?

Occitanie is France’s second-largest region in surface area, with two European-sized cities, Toulouse and Montpellier. It is strategically located in the heart of southern Europe. Occitanie GDP was 153 billion euros in 2018, contributing to 7,2% to France’s GDP. The region has 5,6 million inhabitants.

AD’OCC …  Supporting business development and boosting job creation

These companies are accompanied by AD’OCC, the regional economic development agency in Occitanie. Located in the south of France, AD’OCC supports companies in the Occitanie / Pyrenees-Mediterranean region at each stage of their development: creation, set up, innovation, growth, funding, export, transfer of ownership, while strengthening regional attractiveness and acting as a beacon for talent. More information AD’OCCs website.

See you on the Occitanie regional pavilion at EcoLife Scandinavia in Malmö on 13 & 14 November, stand D21. 

Contact Annemette Jensen (Denmark) or Bérengère Dubeuf (Sweden) for more information.