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Interview with Cédric Villani about AI in France for Nordic investors

To declare open the Festival of Sciences in Gothenburg, on the 2nd of April, Cédric Villani was invited to make a speech. Cédric Villani is a Fields medallist (2010) and a French parliamentary representative who has been put in charged by President Emmanuel Macron to write an extensive report on AI upon which the French AI strategy is based on.

During his visit in Gothenburg, Cédric Villani also launched the discussion for the Franco-Swedish strategic partnership for innovation and green solutions, hosted by Ericsson in Lindholmen. Indeed, in 2017, France and Sweden signed this partnership to foster closer cooperation, notably in AI. The two countries acknowledge the importance of AI and agree upon the ethical line that AI, despite its rapid growth, should take.  

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Two key sectors of cooperation: health and mobility

In an exclusive interview to Business France, Cédric Villani talks about the assets France has to offer to Nordic investors. He explains that France has the largest ecosystem of AI in Europe thanks to its large number of start–ups and researchers. He also analyses that France is a particularly interesting place for Nordic investments in two sectors: health and mobility. Not only are these sectors key for France but Nordic countries also have a great number of strong actors in these fields such as AstraZeneca or Volvo. Therefore, according to Cédric Villani “cooperation, for sure, will arise”.  

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“I admire the daring attitude of Nordic countries in AI”

Finally, Cédric Villani admires the daring attitude of Nordic countries in AI and adds that “the amount put on the table [for AI] are quite important in respect to the GDP and economy of these countries… This certainly will make possible for Northern Europe to reassert itself as a kind of laboratory for Europe in this field”. He believes that to really take advantage of the diversity of expertise, European countries and their giant companies like Ericsson for 5G or OVH for the cloud should work together to ensure “an extremely strong mix of skills”. This is how Europe can take a leading role in AI and therefore, why the Franco-Swedish partnership on innovation is so relevant.