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French-Swedish partnership to shape the future of innovation and green revolution

The signature of a Strategic partnership for innovation and green solutions between France and Sweden is a landmark achievement to strengthen collaboration between the two countries and to advance European cooperation on topics of the future.

The partnership was signed in last November by French President Macron and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, alongside the European social summit held in Göteborg. This exclusive and ambitious partnership will strengthen the relationship and cooperation between France and Sweden in various areas, including green solutions for transport, energy and smart cities; green finance; digital transformation; health and life sciences innovation, and France and Sweden have already engaged to give updates on the outcomes of the partnership on a two-year basis.

The partnership is unique in how it relies on a close involvement of industries, start-ups and public sector from both countries, building on constructive experience – and knowledge-sharing as well as on common initiatives, as Sweden already brought its contribution to arrange the One Planet Summit in Paris on December 12th 2017, and the French-Swedish innovation week in April 2018.

Business France, together with other partners and institutions, will play a major role in the implementation of this partnership, working even closer with its Swedish partners to develop further business opportunities for French and Swedish actors.

Recently released, the Bloomberg Innovation Index for 2018 is an encouraging illustration of the rationale of this partnership, as Sweden appears #2 and France #9 among the top 50 most innovative countries across the world.

To read the full presentation of the partnership, please consult the official Roadmap

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