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French flexicurity – Part 1: context & outcomes

Edward Hamilton, Labour Market Expert at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv), wrote a report on the “French Flexicurity” published in May 2019. Business France Nordic is now launching a series of interviews in which we discuss the outcomes of this report. The first part is dedicated to introducing the context and the main findings of the report.

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A report on the labor market reforms undertaken by Emmanuel Macron 

Edward Hamilton is a specialist in the labor market and job creation policies, and broader socio-economic issues. He has also explored the structural reforms undertaken by different countries (Germany, UK) to see what has been done to adapt the labor legislation. His latest report focuses on France to see if there could be some inspiration for Sweden. 

In this “French Flexicurity” report, he analyses the French labor market situation with its strengths and weaknesses and highlights the recent reforms undertaken by Emmanuel Macron to improve it. The report is divided into 4 different parts, each one focusing on different aspects of the structural reforms tackling the French labor market: 

  1. The labor market legislation with the Macron and Pénicaud laws, 
  2. The vocational training reforms,  
  3. The tax reform for increased competitiveness, 
  4. The social security reforms.  

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“A pro-business reform agenda” 

One of the main outcomes of this report is that President Emmanuel Macron has implemented a much more pro-business friendly reform agenda, even though this is more an evolution than a revolution. The former French government also had started to reform the labor market and launched a series of measures to support and increase France’s competitiveness, but the current government has taken a step further and is reshaping the French labor market landscape with an in-depth reform agenda. 

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