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France is ramping up its tech and industry ecosystems in 2020

While the Choose France summit was underway, the French Government announced a series of measures for 2020 designed to boost France’s attractiveness. Priority is given to consolidate the start-up Nation and foster the renewal of the French industry.

The tech environment is becoming more geared towards foreign companies

Multiple announcements target foreign talents working in France and aim at both incentivizing their work and facilitating their stay.   

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The French Tech ecosystem is upgrading its organization

Indeed, a new index for French Tech start-ups with massive growth potential has been set up, called the French Tech 120. More than a hundred start-ups will receive personalized support from the administration to help them achieve their development goals and potentially evolve into the next French unicorns. This support will encompass many areas of start-up development, such as finding funding, attracting talents and developing internationally. Designed to integrate structures from every French region, it will also showcase the dynamism of the ecosystem throughout the country.   

Moreover, French Tech Central will be deployed in 2020 throughout the 13 regional hubs for innovation. It is a program designed to bring a large range of public services closer to the local start-up environment, to help them thrive. The initiative will be reaching out to the more than 10 000 start-ups existing in France, with the underlying motto of proximity.

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Exciting news for industrial companies looking to settle in France

The latest barometer from EY confirmed the leading position of France as a host country for foreign investment in industrial and R&D projects. In order to carry on this promising trend, a new measure has been taken to accelerate the implementation of industrial projects in France. 

To offer a solution to foreign companies looking to acquire industrial sites in France the Government has unveiled a list of 12 locations ready for business (list in French) during the Choose France summit. It is meant to foster local territories’ attractiveness, as well as promoting industrial development in France. These turnkey solutions include an administrative process reduced to a minimum, to answer the need for fast-moving companies looking to develop their activities in France.

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