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France is leading the ITS sector with its Mobility 3.0 program



In the last few years, France has become the innovation hub for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), gathering together innovators, tech-lovers and experts from the industry of transport. The country is boosting the world’s leading companies that are coming up with new smart mobility solutions and supporting the already strong and established business culture in the design, operation and construction of transport infrastructures.According to ATEC-ITS France, the Smart Mobility market in France is estimated to be worth 4.5 billion euros, with more than 1 000 companies providing 45 000 jobs in the private sector.

What is Mobility 3.0 Program?

ATEC-ITS France has launched the Mobility 3.0 program to speed up the massive transformation of the current ecosystem which includes companies, local authorities and research centres, as well as the Government. This ambitious and innovative program aims to:

This approach for classifying companies has been defined for 2016 in the national Mobility 3.0 program managed by ATEC-ITS with the support of French Ministries (Transport and Economy).

The program will be carried out between 2016 and 2026 and it is based on six strategic priorities: Big Data and Mobility, Connected Infrastructures, Urban Logistic, ITS for low density zones, Multimodal Traffic Management and Mobility as a Service (MaaS). For each of these priorities there is a wide panel of experts.

Furthermore, regarding international development for French companies, over 300 companies in specialized in the ITS sector are doing business abroad. Most of them are SMEs and start-ups experiencing export success.

While more and more smart cities are emerging, the ITS is increasingly spreading around the world at the same time. French companies are making the most out of this opportunity and benefitting from their worldwide recognition in the different areas of smart mobility such as autonomous vehicles, carpooling, carsharing, transport on demand and transport safety, assistance for passenger information and smart parking.

Visit Business France and ATEC-ITS France booth C2-005 at ITS World Congress in Copenhagen to meet some of the leading French Intelligent Transportation Systems companies and learn more about the Mobility 3.0 program.

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