127 industrial ready-to-use sites are immediatly available for investors in France!

Feb 17, 2022 | Industry & Cleantech, Invest in France

​The French government’s goal is to strengthen the competitiveness and attractiveness of the economy through innovation and industry. To meet this strategic objective, France is setting up a turn-key solution to facilitate the installation of new industrial initiatives on its territories. 127 “ready-to-use” industrial or logistics facilities have thus been earmarked across the country. In addition to facilitating the identification of these sites, the acquisition process is streamlined, and everything is already prepared, including environmental requirements in the context of the ecological transition.

New 49 ready-to-use industrial sites across France!

As part of its strategy of reindustrialization, the government wants to remove all administrative obstacles that hinder investment and installation projects across France. After an initial selection in 2020, the government has announced 49 new “ready-to-use” industrial sites across France for investors in the last quarter of 2021. Two-thirds of the new sites selected are in the “Territories of Industry”, an initiative in the heart of local environments that are particularly favorable for hosting new industrial activities.



Indeed, international competition is also played out between territories. For example, the Verkor company investigated 40 sites in France, Italy, and Spain. It finally turned to Dunkirk, France, for its new gigafactory! On the same model, Volvo Cars and the Swedish company Northvolt have joined forces to build a gigafactory in Gothenburg, Sweden. The objective of this alliance is not to relocate to create a European giant facing the American and Asian economic power.

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A ready-to-use site, what does it mean?

These sites can be used immediately for industrial or logistics activities and offer immediate availability for sale or rent. The procedures relating to town planning, preventive archaeology, and the environment have been anticipated to allow the authorizations required to establish a new industrial activity to be processed within a controlled timeframe. In addition, the development work (servicing, access, networks, etc.) and, where necessary, the clean-up of pollution have been completed.

This shortens the overall time required for a project to be set up, even though there will always be the time needed for the building permit and specific environmental studies depending on the activity. The label promises that these latter instructions will be carried out within 5 months for the building permit and 9 for the specific studies.

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A strong argument to strengthen French competitiveness and attractiveness

According to Jacqueline Gourault, French Minister for Territorial Cohesion: “By enabling the construction of an industrial site to start more quickly, while guaranteeing a high level of environmental protection through the anticipation of studies in this area, these sites are a strong argument for convincing investors and speeding up the realization of industrial projects during a period of recovery in the heart of our territories.

Indeed, turnkey sites stand out in terms of attractiveness: accessibility, available networks, services offered to companies and employees, local ecosystems, etc. These are all assets that make the difference in the international competition for new projects and help convince investors to choose France.

By allowing the construction of an industrial site to start more quickly while guaranteeing a high level of environmental protection, these sites are a precious asset for convincing investors and accelerating the realization of industrial projects during the recovery period.

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Article written by Samy Trabelsi

Maxime Krummenacker - Communications Manager
Communications Manager
Maxime Krummenacker - Communications Manager
Communication Manager