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10 tips for setting up a business in France

Taxation, legal form of the business, labor law, administrative procedures are critical but perceived as hurdles, especially in France. To support foreign investors and help them secure their projects, Business France has gathered the answers to the most frequently asked questions in a single document. A dedicated platform also centralizes all the helpful information for setting up a project in France.

Administrative procedures must not be an obstacle!

Investors sometimes think that setting up a project in France is complicated when thinking about the administrative hurdles. It may even happen that some simply give up settling in France because of these presumed constraints. To these entrepreneurs, we want to say that things have changed. We are aware of our shortcomings and have put mechanisms in place to address them.

But it is not that complicated and never should be an obstacle to investment projects in France!

10+ most asked questions to secure a project in France

Business France, with the assistance of the lawyers Mazars, updated in 2022 an answer guide. It offers comprehensive legal support to foreign investors in France, from helping with setup formalities to advising regarding the growth of local operations. Foreign investors, therefore, have all the keys to securing their business in France.

Business France has selected the following questions that investors ask the most:

Reading the guide will help foreign investors to find the best way through all this information!

A website to support investment in France

Investors and entrepreneurs can also find all the information they need for their project in France directly on the investinfrance.fr website set up by Business France. This site provides information on the business-friendly environment in France. The site also offers sectoral and territories knowledge to enable investors to target better France’s industrial assets and the specificities and assistance of each region.

Business France Nordics also summarizes the most helpful information for doing business in France about talent, public aid, the tax system, and labor law.

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Contact us for more information and free guidance in your investment project in France. This is our raison d’être.

Article written by Samy Trabelsi