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The UAE to Welcome the Inaugural French Lifestyle Exhibition in Dubai

Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French Economy will inaugurate its very first French Lifestyle Exhibition in Dubai, from a unique venue located at the heart of Jumeirah, under the patronage of the French Ambassador to the UAE, Nicolas Niemtchinow alongside the Consul General of France to Dubai & Northern Emirates, Nathalie Kennedy.

An exhibition, held by Business France in partnership with Driven Properties will offer local architects, interior designers and other professionals of the design & hospitality industry the outstanding opportunity to discover a French-curated selection of high-end design furniture and art-de-vivre products from France to the UAE.

This newly renovated villa handled by Driven Properties and entirely designed by Alexander Titaua, a renowned French interior design firm based in Dubai, will showcase a 100% French-made interior design selected by Business France experts in partnership with local professionals in order to inspire UAE counterparts in the framework of their upcoming projects.

While taking part in this immersive experience, guest of the French Villa will also have the occasion to engage with the human minds driving these exceptional pieces, such as French artisans, designers, international representatives, in the presence of local journalists and influencers.

The conversation on sustainability gains importance and gradually replaces opulent lifestyles, new trends are emerging locally integrating the use of recycled materials, greener areas transforming the local landscape in line with the Dubai Urban Master Plan 2040 vision. The integration of AI intelligent systems now enabling interior designers to provide more efficient and tailored services in response to growing demands. This shift is further highlighted by the emergence of a more discerning and demanding local clientele, signaling a shift with higher expectations.

Perfectly located in one of Dubai’s most desirable area, the French Lifestyle Exhibition will kick-off for a two-day opening with 15 French companies identified as part of a cross-industry approach to design, such as furniture and decoration, home textiles, tableware, and craftsmanship will showcase their products in a captivating home styling.

France remains a reference on the global stage of design, architecture, and the art of living, attracting an international clientele. The French Art of Living exhibition represents an exceptional opportunity to introduce this expertise and remind that France’s reputation successfully blends tradition and modernity and aligns perfectly with the high expectations of the Emirati market. This subtle marriage between classical heritage and contemporary innovation embodies the French art of living.”

Axel Baroux, French Trade and Invest Commissioner

French companies contribute to shaping global trends, attracting an international clientele seeking exceptional products. Moreover, France exports numerous design products, and many French designers collaborate with renowned international brands, reinforcing French influence in the market. Teaming up amid a flourishing real estate landscape post the COVID-19 crisis, and in light of the UAE’s intensified efforts to attract international talents, Business France and Driven Properties decided to collaborate to introduce locally this premier French Lifestyle Exhibition.