HQC Europe (Paris) the official partner of the french pavilions at Gulfood 2023

    Halal Quality Control has been an internationally recognized Halal certification agency since 1983 and is active in the field of Halal certification. With 10 offices throughout Europe and 2 in the Middle East, They specialize in sectors such as: Meat, dairy, flavors, food ingredients and more.

    Halal Quality Control was established in 1983 and has been involved in Halal product certification ever since. In the 1980s, meat was an important product and in the 1980s it was a requirement to obtain a Halal certificate if it is exported to several countries such as: Indonesia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and a number of other countries. Their company is therefore also affiliated with governments and is recognized for this. Due to their many years of experience in both the Dutch and International markets, they have expertise in many areas from food to pharma. Their goal is to properly guide companies with their certification and to work together as a reliable partner. Halal Quality Control now has 8 offices throughout Europe.

    The company is proud of the customers they serve. That is why they think it is important to work together as partners and to think in the interest of the customer. The company is aware that not every company is aware of all Halal laws, and they are committed to identifying them together with the customer and helping the customer as best as possible.

    In addition to being an accredited agency, HQC is also the regional president of the World Halal Food Council (WHFC) in Europe. WHFC is an umbrella organization with more than 55 Halal offices worldwide. This organization was founded in 1999 with the intention to create a unity and to safeguard the interests of the Muslim consumers.

    Halal Quality Control is active in many sectors such as:

    Dairy I meat I food processing I Flavorings I Food Ingredients I additives Pharma I cosmetics I beverages and more!

    Do you have questions about a certification? please do not hesitate to contact Halal Quality Control.