Gulfood Manufacturing 2023: France’s pavilions to focus on sustainability and health

    United Arab Emirates, November, 2023 – For the 10th edition of Gulfood Manufacturing, a dynamic delegation of French companies gear up to embark on an exciting journey in the United Arab Emirates with the aim to offer the latest high quality equipment and ingredients from the agrifood industry. The forthcoming exhibition set to gather the industry buyers, is taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from November 7th to 9th, 2023.

    In an effort to forge new partnerships, signing agreements, and foster collaboration with professionals in the food and agricultural equipment industries across the Middle East, the French exhibitors will be spread over two pavilions: Hall 8 and Sheikh Saeed 1 Hall.

    In the realm of food processing, French innovations in the agri-food industry will present cutting-edge solutions and products that epitomize excellence and innovation. The “Ingredients” pavilion will 20 food processing companies specializing in the food processing sector (Hall 8). Simultaneously, the “Equipment” pavilion hosts 28 distinguished companies specializing in agricultural, agri-food equipment, and logistics, ( Sheikh Saeed 1 Hall).

    French environmentally friendly solutions to support the UAE sustainable Agri-food strategy

    To meet the requirements of the UAE market, participants will showcase their latest offerings in the fields of agriculture, preservation, pasteurization, hygiene and food packaging. These include irrigation equipment, conservation systems to prevent food waste, cooling equipment and equipment to reduce water consumption.

    In the realm of ingredients, the exhibiting specialists will spotlight preservative-free, mould-free, pesticide-free and antibiotic-free food products from a wide range of agri-food sectors :  the conversion of full-fat dairy ingredients into powder form by drying it and wheat processing, as well as solutions for poultry, pastry, condiment and dairy production. in addition to it, exhibiting companies will be offering alternatives to fertilisers and flavour correctors that are healthy and that safeguard consumers’ well-being.

    These efforts highlight healthier and safer products for the people but also for the planet and underscore a significant role to contribute on bolstering a more sustainable agri-food strategy, where a focus on advanced technology and consumer well-being align with the core principles of sustainability and progress.