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France at Arab Health 2024: Showcasing Revolutionary Healthcare Solutions

French healthcare specialists are set to participate at Arab Health, the major trade show for the medical sector in the region, taking place from January 29th to February 1st , 2024. Bringing together 87 French companies under the French Healthcare banner, this collective presence aims to showcase their dedication to medical expertise.

Anticipating thousands of global attendees, the highly anticipated health exhibition in the Near and Middle East promises an unparalleled gathering. This year, Business France is supporting a French delegation comprising 87 companies across 3 French Healthcare pavilions, following the distribution pattern from the previous year:=

French Influence on the Global Stage

In 2021, the French medtech market saw continued growth, mirroring the substantial need for cutting-edge medical solutions. Within the same period, France’s medical market claimed 14.7% of the European market share, securing its spot as the second-largest market, trailing only behind Germany. Renowned for their prowess in various domains including medical devices, diagnostic equipment, medical imaging technologies, and healthcare IT solutions, French companies remain distinguished. France’s stature as a European frontrunner, buoyed by a robust health infrastructure, was further reinforced.

Fostering Healthcare Advancements: A Collaborative Journey Between France and the UAE

The relationship between France and the United Arab Emirates in the healthcare sector is characterized by a growing collaboration, illustrating a strategic partnership in the medical field. The United Arab Emirates, as an economic and technological hub in the Gulf region, offer significant opportunities for French healthcare companies.

The UAE has developed state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure and actively seeks to develop its medical services. French companies are commited to provide innovative technologies, high-quality medical equipment, and healthcare management solutions.

Witnessing the dynamic collaboration between France and the UAE in shaping the future of healthcare, the UAE is a strategic partner for France, encouraging mutual innovation and collaboration. Together, we contribute to the progress of healthcare, ensuring a healthier and brighter future for both nations. 

Axel Baroux, French Trade and Investment Commissioner