Rebalance Impulse®: cutting-edge technology for mental wellness and neuro-relaxation

Rebalance Tech has developed a revolutionary mental wellness & neuro-relaxation solution: Rebalance Impulse®. This stimulation and cognitive training device based on applied neuroscience is mainly devoted to fighting chronic stress, improving sleep quality, and strengthening the immune system. A catalog of sessions and programs has been developed and integrated into this non-invasive solution to target the following: Neuro-Relaxation, Sleep, Addictions, Memory & Concentration, Pain Management, Emotions Management, Slimming, Brain Anti-Aging, Long Covid Recovery, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (EMDR).

Rebalance Impulse® is based on the innovative concept of synchromotherapy® (i.e., chromotherapy protocols, pulsed light protocols, and dynamic light scenarios) combined with sonotherapy, and synchronized with breathing, meditation and mindfulness exercises. By means of biofeedback and neurofeedback, the synchromotherapy® protocol is adjusted in real time to offer an individualized experience and optimize the benefits of Rebalance Impulse® sessions. After a few 30-minute sessions, each user discovers their ideal relaxation method and unlocks the keys to controlling stress. Beyond mental wellness and neuro-relaxation, the work done with Rebalance Impulse® is considered a true brain training, beneficial for restoring or enhancing cognitive functions.

The effectiveness of Rebalance Impulse® has been the subject of several clinical studies, published in the renowned scientific journals, Frontiers in Psychology and the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (please find the references below). Whether you are a clinic seeking a solution to improve your patients’ mental health, or a spa looking to adopt a holistic approach by offering programs tailored to your clients’ therapeutic objectives, Rebalance Impulse® will have a measurable and sustainable impact. Rebalance Impulse® operates in the following markets: healthcare, medwellness, professional sports, and corporate.


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