From June 19 to 23, Libreville, Port-Gentil, Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire welcomed companies from the Oil & Gas Gabon and Congo 2023 Business Expedition.


Business France Central Africa accompanied French companies to meet the two local oil industry ecosystems (multinationals, EFEs, federations, etc.) as well as the institutional bodies responsible for implementing government policy on hydrocarbon management and exploitation. The mission also provided an opportunity to meet major French players operating in the region, such as TotalEnergies and Perenco.

With the support of the Services Economiques in Libreville and Brazzaville and the Consul General in Pointe-Noire, the mission was an opportunity to highlight the dynamism of the oil sector in Central Africa and the flourishing opportunities in the region.

The mission also lead to twenty B2B meetings and two networking cocktails at the Pointe-Noire and Port-Gentil Consulates, attended by 30 people, all major players in the oil industry and representatives of French business circles in Gabon and Congo.

Gabon currently produces 188,000 barrels/day from over 30 operating sites, with the oil sector accounting for over 20% of GDP and over 40% of government revenue. In Congo, production has reached 340,000 barrels/day, with oil accounting for over 40% of GDP and more than 2/3 of government revenue. Benefiting from a strong political will to liberalize the sector, both countries offer interesting opportunities to develop mature fields and implement the energy transition.

Diarra Cisse