Business France honors international investors.

In 2023, Business France will organize, under the guidance of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Ministry for the Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, the Ministry for Regional Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities and in partnership with the États de la France, the fifth edition of the “Choose France” Awards.

In 2022, 50 foreign companies from 20 countries and located in 12 French regions participated in the Choose France Awards.

The award winners were selected by a jury chaired by Pascal Cagni, France Ambassador for International Investments and Chairman of Business France, and including institutional and qualified businesspeople.


This year, the announcement of the winning companies was held on November 15, 2022 at the Palais d’Iéna, during the Etats de la France organized by DZA in partnership with Business France. The members of the jury chose to honor six companies that focus on their talent management policies and decided to award them the following:


“Ecological Transition” Prize – awarded to Renault Trucks, a Swedish company with a facility at Saint-Priest, situated in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, that aims to market only fossil fuel-free trucks by 2040. In addition to the use of biogas, biofuel and soon hydrogen, Renault Trucks is now producing electric vehicles, which are set to account for 50% of its sales by 2030.

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“Competitiveness & Innovation” Prize – awarded to Solvay, a Belgian firm which has decided to invest more than €600 million in 2022 to enable the growth of its advanced materials production platforms for batteries. Solvay is now investing in the creation of two sites, one at Tavaux, (Burgundy Franche-Comté) and the other at La Rochelle (Nouvelle-Aquitaine).

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“Cohesion & Solidarity” Prize – awarded to Corning Incorporated (USA), specialized in the production of laboratory equipment. The Corning Life Sciences division, for which a new manufacturing site has just been created in Ruitz (Hauts-de-France region), has enabled the delivery and distribution of nearly 5 billion doses of vaccines.

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“Special Jury” Prize – awarded to SIFU Group, whose mission is to enable people with disabilities to access a secure employment that meets the necessary conditions adapted to their abilities. With three agencies in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and another one in the Paris Region, the Spanish firm employs 170 people with disabilities in France.

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A second “Special Jury” Prize – awarded to Aptar, an American Business which designs and manufactures packaging for luxury cosmetics, with global revenues of US$3.2 billion. The new Be-One project aims to provide Aptar with a modern, high-performance industrial site in Oyonnax (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region).

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“Special Region” Prize – awarded to Parker Meggitt (USA). The Parker Meggitt group, which is specialized since 1948 in the design and manufacture of electronic components for the aerospace industry, invested €35 million to create on its Avrillé site (Pays de la Loire region) a more modern and less energy-consuming industrial facility.

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For more information on previous editions of the “Choose France” Awards, go to the web page Prix Choose France – Invest in France


Why should you enter the “Choose France” Awards?

The winners will be announced during the Etats de la France in the presence of senior government figures as well as many leaders of foreign businesses operating in France.

The award will be presented to you by a minister who will visit your business and the event will be shown on social networks and covered by the press thanks to our partner La Tribune.

The “Choose France” Awards are an excellent communication tool: the event will feature in the national and specialized press, as well as in the regional press.

The “Choose France” Awards promote your firm’s employer brand and help you to stand out from other businesses.

All candidates will be showcased on the “Choose France” social media networks.



The Awards Selection Committee, made up of representatives from the different ministries, ensured the quality of entries submitted.

The winners were chosen by a high-profile jury bringing together institutional key players and qualified business people.




All entrants should read and agree to The Choose France Awards Terms ans Conditions.

Choose France Awards Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Business France, the National Agency for the international development of the French economy, is a public industrial and commercial establishment whose head office is located at 77, Boulevard Saint-Jacques, 75998 PARIS Cedex 14 (SIRET 451 930 051 00052 – APE 8413 Z).

As part of its mission to promote France’s attractiveness, Business France is organizing the fourth edition of the “Choose France” Awards.



Foreign business: A legal entity governed by foreign law that has demonstrated its interest in France by opening a subsidiary in the country.

Subsidiary: A legal entity, registered under the Trade and Companies Register, of which more than half of the capital is held by the parent company abroad and which is subject to French legal, social and tax rules.

Foreign investor: A legal entity having placed capital from abroad in France leading to the creation of jobs and revenues for France.

Entrant: A foreign business having submitted the entry file for the “Choose France” Awards. 



The “Choose France” Awards 2022 are organized by Business France (hereinafter “the Organizer”) on November 15, 2022 in partnership with the “États de la France” and alongside the Team France Invest.



The “Choose France” Awards 2022 reward foreign investors who, through their commitments to France and its regions, contribute to the country’s international attractiveness and its economic influence. By illustrating the effectiveness of the partnership between Business France and the key players in regional economic development through the promotion of concrete examples, the Awards promote the support of projects from foreign investors that meet the priorities of the “France Relance” recovery plan.





3.1 Subject to a sufficient number of entries, the Organizer will award the following Prizes to foreign businesses investing in France:

  • Ecological transition
  • Competitiveness & Innovation
  • Cohesion & Solidarity

3.2 For the 2022 Awards, any business that has implemented a talent management policy in recent years, as well as those that have implemented one recently, may compete. In certain cases, the Jury may also consider actions being implemented or launched.



4.1 The Awards provide two possibilities for businesses to enter the competition, with the aim of enhancing the link between the investor and the region:

  • Entries from businesses can be made by the regions via the Regional Development Agencies (urban areas and other sub-regions will also be able to support applications)
  • Businesses can enter themselves

4.2 To register and participate in the competition, the Entrant (or the Regional Development Agency supporting the Entrant) must submit the entry before Thursday September 22, 2022, 8.00pm (French time).

4.3 To enter, businesses must submit an entry form on the website:

4.4 An Entrant may submit an entry in a single category: Ecological Transition, Competitiveness & Innovation or Cohesion & Solidarity. In addition, a Regional Development Agency can submit several entries from businesses located in the same region.

4.5 Entrants choose to submit their entry in the category that seems most appropriate to them. However, the Organizer or the Jury may register an Entrant in a category other than the one for which they have applied if they judge that the entry is better suited to another category.

4.6 Any incomplete entry or entry submitted after the deadline will be rejected. Any entry containing an anomaly, which appears incomplete, or which has not been sent on time or validated electronically by the Entrant, will be considered null and void and will not be taken into consideration for the competition.



5.1 All entries submitted will be examined by a Selection Committee.

5.2 The Selection Committee will comprise a representative of Business France Invest (Marie-Cécile Tardieu, Chief Operating Officer (Investment Division) or her representative), and representatives of ministers (Minister for the Economy, Finance and Recovery; Minister for Regional Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities; and the minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs).

5.3 The Committee will examine, for each of the categories, the eligibility of all the Entrant and the completeness of the entries submitted. If the members of the Committee deem it useful, they may make a pre-selection of the entries in order to identify the finalists who will be presented to the Jury for the final selection.



6.1 The members of the Jury are representatives from public and private sectors. The Jury is chaired by Pascal Cagni, Ambassador for International Investment and Chairman of Business France.

6.2 Each member of the Jury undertakes to judge independently and not to accept any favors of any kind. If a member of the Jury has, directly or indirectly, an interest or a personal or financial link with an Entrant, they must notify the Organizer within a reasonable time so that the Organizer can find a replacement.

6.3 The deliberations of the Committee and the Jury are confidential, and the members will in no case have to justify their choices. The members of the Jury will not be able to participate in the vote for a category in which their business is either an Entrant or directly or indirectly involved. In the event of a tie, the President of the Jury has the authority to make the final decision.

6.4 The Organizer reserves the right to change/complete the composition of the Selection Committee and the Jury, ensuring, particularly for the Jury, that the public and private sectors are represented.

6.5 The Jury may decide to award two additional prizes.



7.1 Businesses may attach “pitch” videos to the entry file, the format of which will be specified by the Organizer.

7.2 Videos from all Entrants, as well as their entry files, will be showcased on the Organizer’s network and that of its partners.

7.3 The winners will be rewarded with special prizes and will be recognized in the manner decided by the Organizer. Thus, the winners may use the name “Choose France Award Winner” (in accordance with the provisions of art. 9 of these Terms and Conditions); a special banner will be designed for the winning businesses’ websites or LinkedIn pages. Subject to confirmation, a working breakfast may be organized with the ministers and/or regions and/or members of the Jury, and interviews may be organized with the winners by journalists from the national or regional press.

7.4 The right to use and reproduce the videos will belong to the Organizer, in accordance with art. 11 of these Terms and Conditions. Entrants may contribute to the sharing of videos on their personal and professional accounts, by making reference to the Organizer and respecting the full name of the Awards and the official hashtags provided by the Organizer.



8.1 The announcement of the winners will take place on November 15, 2022. The Organizer will decide on the format of the meeting according to the public health measures in place at the time and will inform the Entrants, members of the Jury and guests.

8.2 In light of the Covid-19 crisis, the Organizer reserves the right to turn the Awards ceremony into an online event.



Only prize winners are authorized to use the name and logo of the “Choose France” Awards 2022 in the forms and conditions provided by the Organizer, on all institutional, commercial and promotional documentation concerning the winning business. This authorization is granted for a limited one-year period from the date of the Awards ceremony.



In accordance with the partnership agreement between Business France and DZA as part of the États de France (art. 5 of the Convention), DZA will be a partner of the “Choose France” Awards ceremony through the logo “Les États de France”. In this way, DZA will ask businesses from its network to share best practice. At the États de France conference on November 15, 2022, Business France will be able to speak to present the “Choose France” Awards.

Business France reserves the right to associate other partners, particularly the media, with the “Choose France” Awards 2022.



The candidates and members of the “Choose France” Awards 2022 Jury agree to assign their image rights in the following terms to Business France.

Business France is authorized to reproduce and use Entrants’ images for promotional videos and video pitches, on any commercial or communication medium, to reproduce them through any means of dissemination, known or unknown to date, and in particular communication by electronic means (website, Extranet, Intranet, etc., whatever the format (html, i-mode, etc.) whatever the vector and the receiving device, as well as by making such images public regardless of the analogue or digital process (including downloading, uploading, etc.) or the audiovisual or mobile or fixed telephone transmission mode used.

Business France is authorized to reproduce and use the image of the candidates and the members of the Jury for videos and photographs which will be taken on the day of the Awards ceremony, in person or of the recording of the Awards ceremony, if it takes place in digital format, on any commercial or communication medium, to reproduce it through any means of dissemination, known or unknown to date, and in particular electronic communication (website, Extranet, Intranet, etc., whatever the format (html, i-mode, etc.) whatever the vector and the receiving device, as well as by making it available to the public whatever the analogue or digital (and in particular downloading, uploading, etc.) or the audiovisual or mobile or fixed telephone transmission mode used.

Business France is authorized to use the rights referred to in this article for a period of two (2) years from the first use. The initial authorization is the subject of a tacit renewal and can be canceled one month before the end of each two (2)-year period on written request by letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Business France is authorized to use the aforementioned rights for worldwide use.

The Entrants and the members of the Jury acknowledge that this transfer of rights is granted free of charge and passes all responsibility to Business France.



The Organizer undertakes not to disclose before the Awards ceremony any information considered confidential by the Entrant who has expressly indicated it as such in their entry file. Said information will only be brought to the attention of those in charge of organizing the competition (employees, experts and service providers of the Organizer, Jury) for the sole purpose of organizing the competition, selecting the winners and communication surrounding the competition. Personal information collected as part of participation in the competition is processed by the Organizer and is necessary to manage the participation of Entrants in the competition. They will be integrated into the Organizer’s database. In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978 and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 repealing Directive 95/46/CE, applicable from 25 May 2018, Entrants have the right to access, rectify, modify and delete all data concerning them by filling a form on the following website : The personal information collected may be used by the Organizer and/or its partners for promotional purposes.



Registering for the competition implies unreserved acceptance of and compliance with the provisions of these regulations, accessible at any time during the competition on the website: and/or on request from the Organizer during the competition period.



14.1 The Organizer reserves the right, particularly in cases of force majeure, to shorten, extend, suspend, modify, or cancel the competition.

14.2 The businesses authorize, in advance and without financial compensation, the Organizer to use their name, logo, the images and the names of their representatives as well as their entry for promotional and advertising purposes (in particular in events and in the Organizer’s paper and/or web publications) without this option being the source of any obligation towards the Organizer. They guarantee the latter against any recourse in this regard.

14.3 The Organizer cannot be held liable for a total or partial malfunction of the website which would impact on the electronic validation of entries.

14.4 The awards given will not lead to any financial compensation or remuneration for the winners.





If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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