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Our V.I.E (Volontariat International en Entreprise) Program is a turnkey talent acquisition program that allows any company with its HQ or a presence in France to recruit young professionals or trainees from Europe (aged 18-28), for a period of 6 to 24 months. Backed by the French government, this program attracts thousands of skilled professionals. Among them: engineers, tech developers, scientists, business developers, financial analysts, marketing professionals, etc -most of them possessing previous international exposure. The recruitment process is streamlined through a central database managed by Business France that also takes care of all administrative and legal formalities. You can even source candidates by selecting the best profiles in our 35,000-resume database.



  • No-hassle process
  • Best applications shortlisted for you
  • No contractual link between you and the V.I.E candidate
  • Closed contract ranging from 6 to 24 months
  • Cost-effective: visa, contract, insurance, transportation and payroll managed by Business France



  • Best candidates among a 35,000-profile database
  • 95% applicants have a Master’s degree and 3-4 years of experience
  • The V.I.E candidate can be trained in your French headquarters
  • They can also be an existing employee

Recruiting a V.I.E in 3 easy steps



Contact the Business France Team in North America, send us your ideal candidate profile, job description, location and start date. Our team writes a job posting for the position and lets you approve it. You can also directly browse our database and select the best candidates.



Do you need help finding the perfect candidate? After posting the advertisement in our database, we can help you shortlist the best applicants according to your criteria. Only interview the ones you like best and makeyour selection. 



We contact the selected candidate and start the administrative formalities, from the visa process to drafting the contract and making sure they get medical insurance coverage. We also offer continued assistance during the assignment for the V.I.E candidate and host company

V.I.E program clients: 


Carla Robert, CPHR
Supervisor, HR People and Business Partner - Orano

We have been welcoming VIE Volunteers in Canada for many years ; their ability to work in French and English is very useful. Helping us in both our business strategies and day-to-day activities, young talents are usually keen to understand local business and adapts quickly to our teams. We particularly appreciate the diversity of profiles that are available through the program, from technical and engineering to functional supports, including Information Systems and Human Resources. We recommend the V.I.E. Program to any company needing additional team members to work on special projects or support ongoing activities.


Shefali Panse
R&D Project Leader - SageGlass

Saint-Gobain SageGlass has been a huge proponent of the V.I.E program for years! We love having young professionals who bring fresh perspectives and new problem-solving methods to our business. It also adds to the diversity in our workplace, which we celebrate. Many of our V.I.Es join Saint-Gobain either for PhD or full-time roles after they complete their assignment.

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