SLUSH 2022: Business France is supporting 35 tech companies in their international acceleration

Nov 15, 2022 | Finland, Tech & Services

The 2022 edition of SLUSH – an unmissable trade show for startups – will be held on 17 and 18 November in Helsinki in a dark electro atmosphere. In partnership with Orange, Business France will support 35 companies, including 17 at the French Tech Pavilion, which will offer an immersive experience for the European tech ecosystem.

Every year, SLUSH provides a forum for 4,600 startup founders and managers, 2,600 investors from around the world and representatives from 400 media outlets. For the French Tech ecosystem, this represents an ideal environment in which to raise funds and hold discussions with ecosystem players. Interspersed with numerous conferences and meeting opportunities, SLUSH is also an important forum for companies to obtain information to enable them to identify key European trends in the sector, and to meet potential investors.

35 French companies supported by business france at the 2022 edition

With a French delegation hand-picked by Business France and its partners, the France Pavilion will serve as a showcase for French innovations with a focus on simplicity for users:

  • Coinhouse, a pioneer since 2015 in cryptocurrency purchase, storage and resale, is creating a comprehensive solution for individuals by creating a close-knit community based on the crypto-revolution. In addition, cryptocurrency knowledge is becoming an affordable proposition thanks to the “JT Coinhouse” series, their videos, the teams of experts available to users, simple management of investments and an intuitive interface.
  • Nano Corp. provides all companies, regardless of their level of familiarity with IT infrastructure, with access to a visible, understandable, operational and secure network. Those companies can now predict business interruptions and impacts, improve their responsiveness, reduce their diagnostic and travel costs, offer genuine added value in terms of cybersecurity and Forensics, and provide better advice to their customers via a tailor-made dashboard, all thanks to a NOCaaS with a minimal hardware footprint.
  • Foxynerds helps companies understand how their brand is perceived by their target market. The Foxynerds solution analyses web and social media posts, enabling user companies to increase their perceived value. Foxynerds also allows companies to reduce the complexity of marketing campaigns, create communities with shared values, and improve their allocation of resources.
  • Bublr helps companies keep their teams motivated and productive by simplifying remote communications. The application offers: meetings in original remote rooms, boosts to team spirit with team building activities designed for all ages and all cultural backgrounds, the promotion of informal interactions with pre-made answers, and an AI-driven “colleague matching” system helping users to get to know colleagues, even remotely. Lastly, the application offers companies analyses of team productivity.

The French delegation’s complete catalogue can be viewed here

Key highlights from the 2022 edition

Over these two days, the startups will be among the 25,000 participants meeting at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center in a specific format based on networking and meetings with major European investors, leaders and media organisations.

By way of preparation for the companies comprising the French delegation, Business France organised upstream networking events for the participants: fundraising coaching, an immersion day, pitch competitions, and a tailor-made bootcamp which was a great success due to the highly-skilled facilitators provided. The companies were also given access to a matchmaking platform, advice on how to identify the right contacts for the event, and side events such as the “France evening”, providing an opportunity to meet foreign VCs and major accounts.

This year, the French delegation will enjoy the support of the French Tech mission director: Clara Chappaz, who will be attending SLUSH and will give a talk about the startup scene on 18 November to promote France as an attractive destination.

Record fundraising

In recent years, French startups have recorded historic growth in fundraising, doubling from €5.39 bn in 2020 to €12.5 bn in 2021. In addition, startups are the companies that generate the most jobs in France. In 2018, more than 1.7 million staff were recruited across all startup categories combined.

The French government sees the startup ecosystem as a priority in the economic dynamics of the country. Between 2021 and 2025, more than €3.25 bn will be dedicated to developing startups. The strategy is divided into three areas. The first of these is to finance the industrialization of innovative start-ups and SMEs with a EUR 550 m call for projects, with attractive loans and equity investments. The second is a €275 m initiative aimed at strengthening support for the emergence of deep tech companies. And lastly, the third area is the creation of a one-stop shop dedicated to supporting start-ups. In January 2022, the French government signed off on an aid package worth €2.3 bn and additional tailor-made support. These will be managed by the French Tech mission, with support from Bpifrance.

BUSINESS FRANCE and startups in a nutshell MOTS

Business France is a leader in providing international support for young innovative companies in the field of French Tech. Some figures:

  • More than 30 programs dedicated to start-ups and scale-ups, in over 30 countries, aimed at meeting their needs at every point of their journey.
  • Support for more than 1,500 startups via acceleration programmes, including 30 NEXT 40 companies
  • €18 bn raised by startups in 6 years despite the impact of coronavirus in 2020
  • More than 600 investors involved
  • A rich international network of more than 105 Tech experts based abroad
  • More than 50 international promotion events, both physical and digital
  • A permanent presence at French Tech Central at Station F, the largest start-up campus in the world
  • Strengthened in 2020/2021 by dedicated advisers in the Regions at the 13 French Tech Capitals
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La French Tech” is a government initiative to support the growth of its ecosystem of 20,000 startups. It brings together founders, investors, and community builders in France and all around the world with the mission of structuring and growing the French startup ecosystem.

With 28 unicorns and an increasingly diverse ecosystem, French startups are providing solutions and developing disruptive innovations in many strategic sectors such as Green Tech, Health Tech, AgriTech and DeepTech. The Next 40/FT120 programme brings together the most important French late-stage startups, which are growing and have a rising international presence. All the startups that make up the Next 40 offer solutions to international clients.

Through various programmes, Mission French Tech is also working to create a more open ecosystem that promotes access to entrepreneurship for all and attracts many international talents thanks to the French Tech Visa. Each year, this programme provides a simplified procedure for thousands of non-European investors, founders and employees of startups wishing to settle in France.

Finally, with 63 international communities present in 49 countries, French Tech contributes to the international expansion of our startups, attracting international talents and investors.

Welcome to la French Tech desk:

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Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, and is responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image, and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location and also runs the V.I.E international internship program.

Business France has 1,500 employees, both in France and in 56 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public partners. Since January 2019, under the reform of the public export support system, Business France has provided French SME and mid-cap support to private partners in the following markets: Belgium, Hungary, Morocco, Norway, Philippines and Singapore.

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