The South of France Region has many assets to become a European hydrogen hub

Jun 1, 2021 | Industry & Cleantech, Invest in France

The development of low-carbon hydrogen is among France’s priorities. The Green Hydrogen national Plan 2020-2030 lays the measures to be taken alongside the €100 billion French economic recovery plan. It dwells upon the €7 billion invested over ten years to foster the emergence of a leading national and European industrial sector.

To better understand what the French hydrogen strategy is about, and to learn more on its regional approaches, the Southern region of France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, participated in a webinar organized by Business France to present its engagement in becoming a leading hub for hydrogen production.


A region involved in decarbonization in the long run

Resulting from a collective work carried out since 2019, the Regional Green Hydrogen Plan aims to accelerate the structuration of this strategic sector. By defining a roadmap based on a precise assessment of the regional needs in terms of hydrogen and hydrogen equipment, the plan and the resulting regional action will mobilize all the resources available, whether at the regional, national, or European level.

The Regional Hydrogen Plan, adopted in December 2020 and weighing €50 million from 2021 to 2027, aims to achieve the “Keep a COP ahead” climate plan’s objectives and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The four priorities of this Regional Hydrogen Plan are the decarbonization of mobility, industry, the production of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen, and the structuring of a sector creating activities and jobs. The plan includes taking advantage of the region’s geographical position to become an energy hub through international import-export agreements.

The construction of an export-oriented hydrogen hub in the region could respond to a future national and European hydrogen market, giving the area a European influence. Moreover, as a significant entry point to the Mediterranean basin, an import component could also be developed to meet strong demand. The region’s advantageous geographical position will thus allow the establishment of new international import-export agreements.

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The Jupiter 1000 site

The Jupiter 1000 project


A considerably dense network of hydrogen sites and projects

More than 30 hydrogen projects have emerged in the South of France (R&D, hydrogen mobility, hydrogen production & transport) in just a few years. The region has currently 15 projects submitted to the latest call for expressions of interest, “Innovative projects of European or national scope on the design, production, and use of hydrogen systems,” launched by the State at the beginning of 2020.

Among the most notable projects, the Jupiter 1000 site is a land of pioneers. A consortium of nine partners, including Ademe, CEA, CNR, and the region, led by GRTgaz, have developed the first “Power to gas” demonstrator. This site can produce and inject green hydrogen by electrolysis – from electricity generated by renewable energies – into the gas transport network to supply downstream customers.

Other projects capitalize on the geographical and natural assets of the region, be it for hydrogen mobility uses or hydrogen production and storage. For instance, Hynomed aims to decarbonize maritime (hydrogen-powered passenger shuttle) and land mobility (hydrogen-powered bus) around a 400 kg H2/d station and hydrogen production by local electrolysis. Hygreen Provence is a massive production and storage of green hydrogen via the installation of an electrolyzer supplied with exclusively renewable electricity and the development of the existing underground storage site (in saline cavities).

Lately, almost €9 million have been invested in MONANhySSA, the future low-carbon hydrogen station on the Côte d’Azur. Expected to be completed by 2024, the MONANhySSA project will enable the large-scale production of green hydrogen to fuel the region’s buses and coaches.

With so many ongoing and planned projects, the Sud, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region shows its willingness to create a dynamic ecosystem and the strong desire of regional players to see the emergence of a structured hydrogen industry.


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