Business France brings you the best of French products with its new digital marketplaces

May 10, 2021 | Lifesciences & Lifestyle

Thanks to unique know-how and innovation capacity, France is among the world’s leaders in the cosmetics industry, listening to consumers searching for quality and healthier organic & natural products.

To quickly source French Cosmetics in the current context, Business France has just launched a digital hub where you can meet French providers of premium cosmetic brands in a few clicks: Choose France – Cosmetics.


France is one of the world’s leading exporters of cosmetics

Cosmetics has become the second-largest export sector behind aeronautics in France. For ten years, exports have grown by an annual average of 10%, with a new record in 2019, at €15.7 billion in sales. French companies export more than 50% of their production with Germany, the United States, and Singapore as their primary markets. Major French cosmetic brands are among the leaders in the Nordic Countries, led by L’Oréal.


Know-how and innovation are the strengths of the French cosmetics industry

Beyond the French heritage and know-how, the products’ safety and quality are unanimously recognized and guaranteed by European regulations that are the strictest in the world. But it is also the capacity for innovation, from product conception to marketing, that explains France’s competitiveness. The country has a unique cosmetics ecosystem. It has large groups and nearly 85% of SMEs and world-class education programs, research centers, and much more (competitiveness clusters such as Cosmetic Valley and Innov’Alliance). It is thus possible to innovate better and faster to anticipate consumers’ expectations and lead the trends.

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Organic and natural products are among the major market trends, but they are not the only ones!

Besides classic cosmetics distribution, the sector takes a new turn to reach new segments, and thanks to innovative brands! This new dynamic is led by trends such as organic & natural products, slow cosmetics (short distribution channels), clean beauty pushed by the young generation, males’ cosmetics, and customization products.

Bring France to you! 

Are you a wholesaler, agent, or retail buyer? What if you could source a wide range of French-made cosmetic products in one place? Business France has launched a digital hub where you can meet providers of French premium products in a few clicks.

Navigate a curated catalog of thousands of brands and be informed of new products as soon as they are released. Sign up for free to be notified of recommended products based on your preferences, and connect with suppliers for inquiries and sample orders!

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Choose France Cosmetics: Bringing France to You


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Maxime Krummenacker - Communications Manager
Communications Manager
Maxime Krummenacker - Communications Manager
Communication Manager